This bone of contention,this meat full of poison,hatred that confines our life to sadness,fake smiles and hate speech,hatred that is a cell in a free world,shutting us out of love,a love meant to clean our blood,sweeten our tongues,heal our dying hearts.The truth hides beneath the pain and the pain gains fame,a fame that consists of blame,sorrow,tears and is a sad situation,the world changes for the worst each sunlight,a dawn associated with life now a sweet pain,pain that you can’t neglect,pain that you have to live with each day because your daughter was killed by coward men,because your mother died in the house for lack of a hospital bed,because your son left school,not because he was stupid but because you were incapable of paying his school fees and no one wanted to help

we all walk around full of remorse and coldness,hearts frozen but still beating with no tinge of emotion,blood lighter than water flowing through our veins,because there is no brotherhood,no family,no friendship,love trust or honesty,only lies,bleeding breathing lives,a cheating wife,an irresponsible husband,children that are drug addicts,teachers raping students,lectures giving us A’s for sex.We are not even half baked,we are raw and fresh,learned fools who have no idea what their field of study entails yet those that study hard get retakes and passes because they decided to do the right thing.Actually,there is no such thing as right thing,it is all about doing what feels right with you,even if it means losing your value as a human,that’s why we sacrifice our loved ones to gain fame and wealth.They are not our loved ones in this case of course,they are a means of getting us to where we want to be,in this context,we can call them our loved ones.

Fathers raping their daughters,mothers abandoning their kids in the middle of nowhere,kids that grow up with pain and vengeance,products of rape that grow up knowing no love or parent,victims of rape who cry out their hearts every night.Life is so sad.

Corruption,losing your job because you are not of the tribe that is the head of your company,not getting a job because you performed better than your boss,not getting a job because your name defines where you come from,daddy should have called me nameless,God should have made me of those that will have it all,maybe i should never have been born and maybe death should take its toll on my’s our life today,a life of endless wishes and unfulfilled promises,a life that is just a life.

When life changed,i do not know because i found it this way.We accepted all the things that are not beautiful.We did not know what we were getting into and the future generation,just like the current,has to suffer.We will cut down all the trees,pollute every river,ocean and sea,clear every ozone layer,make creams to protect us from the deadly UV rays,use them die,avoid them,die.You were born to die.

Change is inevitable and dynamic.If change is not for the best,why not stay the same.Life is scary these days,we are only alive but not living.All the things that had value have no meaning because we all have that pain,that regret for a mistake against you by someone else who is doing it for the reason,to fill the empty space in his life,caused by another.It is technically a cycle of pain,confusion,confused people who just want to survive but don’t know how,so they do this and that for trial,people with no purpose,what does it cost to live when oxygen is so free?why do we insist on destroying its every atom and molecule? Maybe destructive is the nature of human beings,some shoot to kill,innocent lives,some kill because they don’t even know the value of life because deep in their hearts,they died before they were born but there is hope,all is not lost,maybe we just need a little more of GOD



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