I have never really celebrated my birthdays in the past years,especially in my childhood.You see,i grew up with my grandmother who had no idea what a birthday was,my parents were away,i don’t blame them,i have no ill feelings towards their leaving me,not like abandoning but one way or another,life kept them away from me,so birthdays never meant much to me till i got to highschool,my classmates would wish me and even write me little notes(am sure we all did that at some point),i still have those notes by the way,i wish i could read them tonight as i eagerly await my birth,i was born at around 7am,but i can’t because i don’t have them with me,that’s okay,they at least taught me to appreciate the day i was born.Lately,i have come to value the 16th of may,my birth day,i even research on it,look forward to it,there isn’t much i can do,growing up taught me that there are things more important than birthdays,no one in my family,not my dad,not my mum,not my siblings has ever in my years of living,wished me a happy birthday,let alone a gift,i have learned to live with that and i have grown to know that its not so important.
Today,as i turn a year older,i wanna wish me a happy birthday,thank my family and friends for the support throughout the years,for correcting my mistakes,appreciating my achievements,holding my hand in times of weakness,encouraging me through the hardships of life,for walking with me through this journey.There might be no cake to cut,no party to have fun but on this day and in this month,i have learnt to keep myself happy,in honour of 16th,i treat me well,buy me Cardbury chocolates,dress me up even if there is no occassion,just to have a good time and today will be no different,i will look elegant for me,put on my make-up,listen to my favourite songs and have a good day all day,maybe make afew resolutions,two or three,apologize to afew people for my mistakes,forgive those that deserve my forgiveness,call up afew friends,you know,be nice,kind,humble and polite,at least to disapprove my rudeness and attitude for a day for i know no better way to celebrate this day.


2 thoughts on “THIS BIRTHDAY

  1. Dennis Mwenda

    happy birthday bff. You’ve been a treasure and i believe the older you get the stronger you become. Your past doesn’t matter because it’s shorter than the future you have. I pray for your well being this new year you began 14 hrs ago.


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