Okay,every lady has that little secret she keeps from all men especially if it is a trait she is looking for and when she sees that character in you,she will fall for you.Fortunately or unfortunately,i have a long list of things that will make me not date a man,whoever he is.I will not tell you all of them but lemmi tell you afew things.
The first thing is what you talk about when we first meet and if you can’t keep a conversation going,don’t even request to see me.I have better things to do than to just sit there and get bored.
I know its a fashion world but you don’t have to do varsace from head to toe and look like a baby girl dressed up by her mama,grow up,there is no way you can be a fourth year in a university and you show up looking like an advertisement board.
If you have to tell me how beautiful i am,avoid calling me ‘msupa’,i’ll leave you standing there,and that ‘maze’ word is not intresting at all.
Look here,i don’t take chips and chicken,so if you taking me out,avoid those little restaurants along Tom Mboya street and Moi Avenue,after all,you don’t have to buy me lunch especially if it is what i can afford.
Keep your hands off me,the fact that i decided to see you doesn’t mean i am intrested,so please keep your hands to yourself
Remember to brush your teeth
Don’t ask me why i don’t take alcohol,just know that i don’t take alcohol,if that’s boring,deal with it,it’s not my problem.
This habit of ‘i am your secret admirer’ sucks,show up or fuck off and that’s definately enough to disqualify you,be a man and identify your miserable self.
Ask for my number and if i decline giving it to you,don’t go around looking for customer cares because my No has no Yes in it.
If you happen to confess your interest in me through a text or a phone call,you are off my list.Take courage and say it to my face that you like me and if you have to declare love,be courteous and take some time,you can’t just meet me now and in five minutes you’re in love,mark you,i don’t believe in love,let alone love at first sight.
Don’t interrogate me. Its not an interview,it’s a date.
I keep time,so should you because patience is not in my list of virtues and impatience has always given me exactly what i want.
If i tell you that i am not intrested,hold it at that and don’t ask me why,i simply, am not intrested.
If you have to know why i am not dating,it’s because of all these traits and more.
I value and love maturity.
The rest are safe with me,so dear mr.right,there you have it.
Thank Mike not me,he insisted that i stop being selfish,and i just tried.


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