I have loved,i have been loved,i have been hurt,i have hurt a few people once in a while.i have cried i have laughed,i have been depressed i have been overjoyed,i have felt every tinge of emotion that there is,i have felt everything that can be felt,from kneeling down in prayer and crying unto God to thanking Him for answering my prayer but every feeling i ever had is surpassed by one unique emotion,my father’s love.

he proved to me by action and words,the existence of love.sometimes,i imagine my life without him and end up cursing myself for that evil thought.its all in the way he treats me,better than i have ever been treated by anyone,its the way he responds to my craving for cardbury and how fast he gets it no matter where he is,no matter where i am.everything he does,his warm fatherly embrace full of love,his phone calls telling me to feel loved,missed,yes,he is love,he is my definition of is his name on my tongue,his presence at all times,i don’t even know how he manages it.I love you daddy,with every breath and every blink of my eyes.

He set a standard for my life,a standard that no man can ever beat,he built me a class of my own,a class which is now my comfort would be a shame if i turned out to be anything less than what you’ve mad of me.This beautiful lady,chased after by all sorts of men,is your project dad,your making.everything i am is you,everything i have is you and without you,i am nobody.All i can do to repay you is maintain the standard.I can’t even think of the amount of money you spent on me,that’s not important though,the important thing is your willingness to spend money,time and everything else you can,your effort to sacrifice all that you have and reach out to those that you don’t have just so i do not lack.You daddy,are my luck.

i love you so much,deep from my heart and from the length of it too.i hope you understand the way i want you to.i know you wont see this,because you can’t read,but i am proud of you,i value you and will always respect you because you made me respectable,responsible and what i am today.

it is my prayer that God guides you,provides for you,just like you’ve always done for me and i will pray all times,to thank Him for giving me you,the ultimate blessing.No one will ever replace you in my life,for the simple reason that they can’t give me unconditional love. i treasure you daddy,the way you brought me up,getting all that i ever desired,spoilt but disciplined.Now i know that i can have whatever i want in life,it’s all you papa,my strength and support tower,my security,my everyday power.

Thank you for not failing in your duties as a father and thank you for making me who i am,the choice of my name,schools,everything.I am not ashamed to call you my father.


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