we talk of the light at the end of the tunnel,we talk of light after darkness,we dream of light when going through a hard moment,we even call it a new dawn,with a bright light full of sunshine,moonlight,bright stars,basically,what i am saying is,it is all about light,because even the holy books tell of the light.How we love the light!and how we loathe darkness!

We have gone every mile in search of light,even those of us that were born with darkness. My auntie and i were having a little girl talk this morning and she showed me a profile picture of a lady she knows,the lady was so light skinned,lighter than i though a few months ago,she was darker than darkness,she sought light,my uncle looked at the picture and am still laughing at his comment,”oh my goodness,she is in crisis”,yes,she was in crisis,pink face,you could feel it peel.the hands were light,i don’t know about the legs.

What is happening to the beauty of being black? what then do we take pride in these days? bleached names? bleached face and legs?

You see,when wazungus came,they took everything we had,our lands,our people,our leadership,everything except our colour,hell yah! they can never take that away from us,then we got it all back by fighting for it,not me of course,the late kenyatta and his fellow brave kenyans and we had an identity again,though we losing it.We don’t use our native names,we don’t even know their meanings,neither do we care.We rejected wazungus back then and it is so hypocritical that we are now striving to look like them without their intervention.I can imagine how good they will feel about themselves when finally,all walking soul is light. The world will be full of light i must say!

I know darkness is associated with evil but Africa is the only good thing about darkness,does it mean that there is less evil in the light’s world? come on people,accept the fact that you are black and move on,it is no big deal anyway,i mean,does that make you a lesser person? no it doesn’t,you are the true face of diversity,you are what i look at and see God’s power.Let wazungus be wazungus and get yourself a life.

Admit that you were born black and it is not who you are.Don’t we always preach and emphasize that it is the heart that matters,we even have a don’t judge a book by it’s cover,i bet we used to call this a proverb or was it a simile?

I will not ask anyone to stop dipping themselves in chemicals,i will just ask everyone to appreciate themselves and trust God’s choice for your looks.Stop correcting God,stop showing Him how wrong you think He was.I am not a preacher,i just know that God doesn’t make mistakes.

Don’t forget there is cancer,your melanin is good for you because,since we are insisting on clearing the ozone layer,uv rays are high and cancer is not a lie.Take charge of your life,there are better things to focus on.Imagine how many times you have to go to your doctor to ensure that the chemicals are not overreacting,how many chemicals you have to purchase and how much time you will have to spend to ensure that you don’t look like a chapati.Love yourself,love your looks because you are unique and precious.


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