when i was young,okay,i am still young,so when i was younger,my mama used to tell me about mobile phones.i had neither seen them nor heard about them before that and the whole idea of one talking to another miles away from the comfort of his bed was such a fascinating idea to me.i could imagine how interesting it was such a big deal to me,i kept thinking about see by then,no one in marsabit county had a phone,at least not any that i knew of.i would ask my mum if it was not too heavy for people to carry it and she would tell me how portable it was.i never imagined i would ever possess one.

back then,we used to go to a neighbors house to make a phone call,those land lines.she was not even a close neighbor,she lived twenty minutes walk away.she would send one of her kids to call anyone who had a call from relatives outside marsabit and i remember how anyone who received a call would run,even without their shoes on,it was that bad!

a little later,phones came to marsabit,they had parents bought one each and i went about telling my friends about their phones.the phones were so big by the way,they would pull your trouser down if you pocketed them,am it was more like a dream come true for should have seen mama hit my hand if i attempted to touch that almost took my place considering the love and attention it received.the moment it made that loud noise when someone called,i would run towards it screaming out to my mum,of course she heard it ring but i had to make such a fuss about it.i almost broke my legs on several occasions,yaah,am so laughing at myself right now.

after sometime,in the era of nokia,was it 1100? my life was such a heaven,i would be given the phone to play snake xenzia.i believed that dreams do actually,come true.i would not eat and if i went to sleep,i longed for the night to end just so i could get my hands on that phone.of course they would be occasional shouts,wewe ebu angusha hiyo simu!ntakuuza ninunue ingine! i dont think it would have been a big deal. that was when my addiction to mobile phones started,way before i owned one.

years went by and a phone was no longer a big deal,i managed to get one of my own,thanks daddy.i was so stuck to it,i dont even know what i stuck to because it had no camera,music or anything that resembled an app.

revolution happened to me like it happened to everyone and now we all walk around with our little companion.they reside less in our pockets,handbags and purses.they seem to have created a permanent residence in the palms of our hands.

my phone is the last thing i look at before i sleep and the first thing i look for before i open my eyes.i stay up till 3am like almost everyone i know,not necessarily working on something important on my phone but just logging into this and that,going through my photos for the millionth time,checking my status on whtsap and the profile picture,not changing any of them,looking at a friends status and p.pic,yaah.

and then now that bond that i have with my phone,how sad i feel when i find out it will go off before i get home,how i cant sleep without it by my bedside,i normally keep it under my pillow,even when it is connected to the charger and i hope i dont die of electrocution.

i am glad i am not alone in this addiction that has no rehab.i see my mama online till 12 midnight,i see that man driving while still taking a glance at his phone,i know of that boy that stumbles and almost falls because his eyes are glued to the phone and men find it hard to multitask,i see that lady smiling and even laughing so loud,not that churchil is around but because her phone has its own comedy man in it,i see a frown every now and then,even tears,arguments on the road,laughs all around,dont we just love our phones!who cares whether it is kabambe or galaxy s6?,they have the same sensational effects on our emotions.they have a way of making you love them alittle more than your bible and quran,they have a way of attracting you to them without trying so hard,without pleading for attention like your girlfriend or boyfriend,the phone is simply a magic,a miracle of its own kind,a demi god,a first love,best friend and only friend.

my phone is the reason why i am not lonely even when alone in the house.


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