leadership is a good thing.majority of us crave it.being a first born,i have it in me.

there is that feeling of responsibility that comes with leadership,that trust from your subjects and the way they look up to you,how they always know that you will stand up for them and protect them,how they believe your every word and trust in your every action.they know that you will die for them because they can do anything for you.Thank you for dreaming with me up to this point.

gone are the days when the word trust meant is now a condom which we can’t even believe in because even condoms burst yet you use them for protection.

faith is the name of the girl that stole your phone and ran away after you took her in when she told you how troubled she was in life.yes,so there is nothing to a name or a word these days,which days? everything means nothing.a preacher is a thief,a doctor is a killer,a father is a rapist,a mother is….,God knows what,and leaders are just vessels of words empty of actions.

that is why i choose not to listen to any speech,when the action is taken,i am bound to see.i am tired of filing records of unfulfilled leaders,i am not talking about only uhuru and ruto,i am talking about a father,a mother,a headteacher,a principal,anyone in position ,in control of anything.those researches we carry out and launch with ululations, handshakes and congratulations yet at the end of the day,nobody knows the content of the research,nobody knows when it was carried out and who the hell cares!!!! i mean,we are used to these kind of dramas,the acting is so prolonged,it has become boring,monotonous and as meaningless as trust and faith.that is why,anytime i tune in and find the parliament procession,i look for a movie channel to watch,who wants to see old men throwing chairs at each other? who is interested in mediocre men and women undressing each other on national television in the national parliament? certainly not me,i don’t even watch pornography and i don’t need to cram voices of those figures because you see,i got my poems to memorize.

leadership is a position for the greedy,those that want to oppress and amass as much wealth as possible.i was asking myself,once they have grabbed all the land,are they going to buried in each one of them,you know,maybe in shifts? a year in nairobi,another in nakuru,so that you keep exploring even when you are see,as far as i know,once you are dead,God’s concern is your spiritual life,you will not tell Him of the houses you have,the cars or even the land you grabbed and the cdf funds you used to fly to is good to be rich,i also want to be richer than bill gates but the fact is,you will die and just like alexander the great said,you will leave the world empty handed,the same way you came into it.who cares if you buried in a million dollar coffin? you will rot and smell even with the most expensive perfume applied on you.

look here you so called leaders,i am not a sadist,i am angry,angrier than angry birds and angrier than my father’s anger,i just want you to stop talking and start are fluent in your speeches but terrible stammers of action.

were the whites created before us? or is that we are more foolish than i thought?

being more of a pessimist,i know what ever i have written here will not mean anything to my targeted audience and here i am just like the rest of them,talking,we are not so different at all.let’s live on and deal with our problems like we always do.bury those we lose to terror attacks,have a national mourning day,mourn again for those we lose to diseases due to lack of medicines in hospitals,wake up again and cry for those dying of drought and hunger.this is a flooding nation,tears of subjects subjected to pain,but we are not so flooded yet,so maybe we are not crying that much,maybe we do have a few moments that make us smile.

keep amassing,keep being a little richer everyday,it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that you make the news of a whole nation everyday.


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