I have loved the phrase `mwanaume ni effort` ever since I heard it .There are a million and one ways to show that a man is making an effort but there is a particular one that attracts me.

There is a construction going on at the back of where I stay and every morning,I stand at the window and watch the activities. Nothing like an office work where everyone is seated and typing or maybe carrying a few piles of paper from one room to another,with a fan above their heads to keep the temperature in control,glasses of coffee or tea on every table,from which they sip at their comfort.

The men in my backyard are my definition of real effort.They pin in the hot sun,carrying a 50kg of cement on their heads,another pushing a full wheelbarrow of sand,the next carrying bricks.By the looks of how they sing,converse and laugh,I am forced to conclude that they really enjoy what they are doing

I smile along sometimes,at their silly jokes,they don`t seem to be bothered by their torn shirts and trousers.A few of them put on overalls,some even work with their backs bare unlike I who carries an umbrella when the sun is hot.I watch how they passionately bring together the cement,the sand ,gravel and water to make a perfect concrete.How they perfectly nurture the potential of the ugly materials and erect an admirable building,how they make me look at what I would never have looked at if they did not do what they did.

Yes,these are the men I admire.They don`t stand at the roadsides and beg,they don`t stand aside and ask another to carry their luggage.

What attracts me more to them is the distance they walk when their day is over.I have been keen in noting that most of them come a very long distance to work and after all that laboring,they still have some more energy left to walk to their destinations,probably because what they earn is too little for everyday bus or matatu fare.

I know a few of them are drunkards.they are not the ones I admire,I am talking about that one who at the end of the day,walks into a supermarket,buys a meal for his family and happily walks home,where he is gladly received even though his house is nothing like what he has been constructing the whole day.

Yesterday,I was walking home when I met some of them on their way home in the opposite direction.I found myself praying to God that their wives treat them right,cook for them when they bring home, food,wash their clothes and even warm them some water for a good shower,plus giving them a little massage.what they do is really can tell by their tanned hands and cracked feet.

Their bodies are athletic,they are fit and can just see how strength emanates from them even as they walk.Ladies might not admit it but they do admire their athletic figures, I mean, what kind of athletic body do we talk about kwani? I personally admire them,as long as he is not a drunkard and as long as he is ambitious enough to know that someday,he will get there and even when he has his car,constructing is what he would still want to do.

I admire them because they seem to know they actually belong in this world.they don`t fight for attention,even from those high esteemed people in the society. They know that they are needed by the richest and middle class alike,even the poor to some extent.It`s only very few of us who do not have fundi in our contact list,the kind of fundi that is my topic today.

The kind of men I admire are like my father,the man my mama chose for a husband. I have never regretted because i have never lacked,papa knows that we can have anything we want,and he gives it to us,it is his efforts that have made my mama an admirable character in the society.She is close to completing her masters degree,thanks to papa.Papa knows that we need to live in a good house,go to good schools and be the best,but even when I have finally completed my degree,and even a masters degree which he has promised to take me through,I know that I can never be better than my father.

He is the reason why I admire efforts,he is the reason why i admire the kind of men I admire.

Thank you daddy.



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