Ever since the prophecy of Abraham all the many decades through to Jesus, the times have always been near. I occasionally ask myself how near now,this near is. The questions that always run through my mind make me doubt so many things about religious beliefs. Could they be a tradition created by those that existed before us and as is the norm, we grow up following them? How correct are these holy books that we have to read every day and find comfort in. They are words translated from some language that nobody understood, mere words yet humanity is asking for actions and more actions.
The things that you grow up seeing and hearing, are likely to be the things you grow up doing. It takes a stronger heart and character to choose an own path and believe in something else,something different. Life is a big trouble and every time someone says give thanks for life, I get a little confused, so I grin and then whisper between clenched teeth how grateful I am. These whole hereafter thing is quiet a mystery to me and I bet it is to most of us, did they say I need a holy spirit to understand that? That even makes it more confusing , I mean, if I need one thing to understand another yet I don’t even understand anything in between and beyond, I have a right to doubt.Image result for photos showing confusion

From what I understand, our belief in the supernatural being is supposed to make our life easier and even happier. Then I am told that even when suffering, when I lose a close friend or family, when someone kills another, when I get my heart broken, when I fail to find a job and live in poverty everyday, when another can’t even afford a shelter and lives on the streets feeding from bins, food thrown by another who has more than enough and all the consoler can say is, everything happens for a reason, so will I see the reasons when I am dead? And if they make me live in pain day in day out, could that be the reason? For exactly how long am i supposed to use  faith and trust to fulfill my dreams or rather rely on them to make my life happen?
I was born impatient, I was told life will definitely teach me how to wait. I am learning and I don’t like it one bit. Maybe the reason we actually believe is to find comfort from the troubles of life, when mama passes on and you don’t know where her soul goes, you opt to say it goes to the maker. I love the mad people in the world who believe that fallen souls will be watching over them, that shit makes me laugh a lot . when papa loses his job and you can no longer live like you used to, you don’t want to find comfort in weed and alcohol, so you whisper in faith that someone up there is responsible for it and that someone will set things right, I know of people who have died while still waiting for reasons.
So I read words, from holy books, okay, those are pieces of papers, I bet it is the words that make the book holy and even cry overnight, on my knees, asking that supreme being to make things better, I somehow feel at ease, maybe it is because that is faith. Whether that being is there or not, I have chosen to believe. Don’t you underestimate the power of words! Because they are technically what the entire faith thing and believe is based on. I love the definition of belief in the dictionary, but of course we are all free to make our own definitions and believe in them.Image result for photos showing gratefulness
I don’t see a reason why someone should condemn another who believes in the ability of the devil to solve his problems. Who even abominated that name? I mean, the fact that the devil exists is some kind of evidence that he is as relevant as any of us in this world and if it is the supreme being that gave the devil his powers, maybe it’s actually a division of power. Kneeling before an image and asking for favor is idolatry and the other definition of idolatry is excessive admiration for something or someone. At the end of the day, we are technically doing the same thing. We are relying on our minds to find answers and encouragement. We are using words to find action. We just have to trust that someone is in control and our troubles will go. It doesn’t matter how long the wait is, it doesn’t matter if the wait is worth, what matters is the faith and the fact I, you, we actually believe in something more than ourselves.

when you land on something good,however hard you worked for it,you will acknowledge that a power made it happen,it is just okay not to believe in your own abilities,so lets attribute everything good and evil to the hand of the supreme.I can`t help asking myself on which side supreme is,supreme does good,supreme does evil,supreme kills,supreme gives life,supreme actually knows how to balance.

My question again is,where does Mr.devil come in? if all power belongs to the supreme,have you ever asked yourself why he would create another something that is exactly opposite of him,one that does nothing constructive,one that aims at destroying all that is good and great?yet all you are told is,sheitani ashindwe,atashindwa na nani when the one who should fight the battles for you is watching it happen and you call and call to point of your demise,okay,maybe i need the holy spirit or even the devil`s explanation.


6 thoughts on “THE DEVIL`S EQUAL SHARE

  1. Moon, I have seen your followers call you that. I think it is due to the fact that your words shine light to this enigmatic dark night we live in. But this piece? wow! You are doing two things the society hates, one you are critically thinking and two you are questioning folklore. He he, that kind of character is a blessing and a curse, believe me I know it.


  2. lilian muliti

    hahahaha… u made me laugh and at the same time u got me thinking alot. twinie u always got something to write n say at any time, i like that. good and sensible thing anyway

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  3. Anonymous

    So we have The Devils Advocate here. Any way its a free world and the people in it have free mind, free will and a free spirit. This is such a case. Its YOUR OPINION everyone is entitled to one.


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