There are a few things I would want women to do.I know you are fond of falling in love,deeply not realizing that it could be the depths of hell that you are falling into,I know something almost beyond yourself pushes you to forgive the man you love despite the many times he shows you that you are the least of his cares,I know you have a burning desire to change your entire life just to make it work,I am almost sure you feel like giving up anything just to satisfy his desires,I have a feeling you would quit your well paying job just to get employed in his house with no end month salary,I know you want him to love you whole heartedly,forever,but that is not likely to question is,why do we crave so much love and my answer is,because we fail to love ourselves enough,you can give me yours,we give our hearts and forget that we need that same heart to love ourselves,even more.we need that heart to keep beating even when he is gone.I know you let your whole world revolve around him,you make him everything in your life and forget that you do have a life,you lose yourself just because you found someone, you make him your strenght which eventually turns out to be your greatest weakness,you give him a great share if not all of your life,which is okay and not okay.

A strong woman should be the main pillar of her life,a strong woman should not find a man just so he can make her happy,a true woman knows,or even learns how to keep herself happy,whether that man is there or not,a strong woman is not afraid of the world,she does not seek shelter in the arms of a man,she shields herself from mockery and ridicule, she works her way to the top and creates her way to stay there.I want you to be the powerhouse of your own happiness and fulfilment, and if you rely on him for a simple smile,you are an embarrassment to womanity.
It is okay to love and care for someone who cares for you,it is okay to find comfort in the hands of a man but know your limits,your worth and price.I have this thought that you skip classes to spend time with him, you miss your weekend discussions just to be with him and I know each time he looks at you,he wonders what kind of a woman you are,putting your dreams at risk for him,he is supposed to feel important but he will not,he will hate you,he will think you are a hopeless soul seeking solace in his torn life,which you will not notice because you are blinded by love.I know you want to prove to him that he is all you  ever desired in life but don’t show him that you don’t know your value because if he learns that,he will treat you like a door mat and you won’t realize because you have no idea how much more and better you deserve.
If you have been calling him all day all night,stop and think,he needs a break.If he stops calling you, don’t blame him,you proved that you have much more airtime than he does,and more so idle enough,so don’t be mad if he no longer picks your calls,he is busy making something of his life and you busy thinking about how rich you are going to be,that’s his money and he will not marry you.I know you can’t keep your hands off your phone and it is frustrating that his is the only name you see out of the 200+ people in your contact list,call up a friend and hang out,switch off your phone and take a walk,okay don’t switch it off,you might need some selfies when you go for a walk,download a book and read it,especially positive living and the law of attraction,be busy,reasonably busy.
Look,just know that you are a woman and it takes a lot of effort to survive in a world infested with blood sucking pests who want to drain out your whole life and leave you hollow,without regrets or guilt.Be the main pillar of your life, lean on your shoulders,i mean,why do you have two? do not ask for permission to persue your dreams,I today,here and now give you the go ahead to do anything and everything you have ever imagined.
Do not be a slave in a free world,explore the depths,lenghts and widths of life,search yourself day and night,love fun and have fun,define yourself in one simple word,there is nothing wrong with being classy and faboulous,there is no pain in achieving your goals,no one ever died for being successful. Refuse to be limited by the society,listen to your inner self and train your thoughts to think beyond that man.If he has left you with a kid,raise her,ashame him.Do not run after him,in fact, run for your life because he is capable of doing that again.Reject the desire to succumb to his wills and develop the pressure to be your own master,to chauffeur yourself in the vehicles of living a desirable life.Dream big,so that the world pleads with you to wave at them but be humble yet have your pride,because what I say is,pride is the hand that catches you when you stumble and lifts you when you fall,so do not lose it all.
Respect yourself, you are not a piece of clothe that everyone goes wiping there hands on.Be the first, to do you right,the rest will be forced to follow.
If he has hurt you, move on.There is so much more to life than sulking over someone who never valued you, there is more that can add value to your life than the tears you shed all day,just decide,right now,that you are moving on,the and develop a resitant heart.You don’t want to face the same dejection twice,so get a better heart.
I know partying is fun,but do it with class.You don’t have to go bending at every man’s junk so that they call you cool,you don’t need them to brand you,brand yourself.For me,nothing is cooler than staying indoors,writing,listening to my favourite artistes, over a cup of coffee.
Being a woman is the best thing that happened to me,i have no way of allowing anyone to use it against me, not now,not ever because i know gold is not even close to being anywhere near my value.
I know all the selflessness is a sincere act of honesty,but not everyone deserves it and not everyone cares.Some are on the look out for the slightest chance to take advantage of you, but you watch your back and all around,at the end of the day,you will bear all the burden of pain alone,in the dark.



      1. I don’t know it’s just that I don’t agree with you. I mean a woman should be like really strong, self sufficient, etc but being a family oriented person has no harm right? I mean just imagine a woman goes for work strong etc but when you have a family.. It’s such a beautiful feeling. So you know I am with you but don’t agree with your idea of that lonely kind of women. Of course at the end of the day it is their descion what they do no offence..



  1. Nice piece of masterpiece munira,despite the truth of the content the strength of a woman is only found only in that period between conception and bearing a child,otherwise she remains weak at every moment. No matter how long she keep on searching for where her rib came from,it wud not be easy to find. There is no strength in remaining lone through out your life,thefore a woman must undergo that process of sufferance in that hand of men to achieve the goal and succeed….


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