dear popular people
if it takes your visit to make my county popular,please drop by as you fly in the air,i am sure there is a bypass somewhere that connects to my county,we will not keep you long,we know people will be visiting afterwards.You see,i am going home soon and i hear there is too much dust,if you choose to visit,maybe my governor will plant grass and pour water on them,the problem is,we have a lot of goats and cows,but it is okey,if they managed to keep cars and people out of Nairobi town,i am sure we will keep the cows off the grass.
We don’t have fancy hotels to keep you in,even security is very bad because the few guns we have go to look after cows because people in my place steal cows from one another according to tribes,but most of you have a lot of police and as i said,we will not keep you long because of issues like that one,even dust might get up and enter your eyes.We don’t even have water to drink,do not blame my governor for not having water to pour on the ground to calm the hyperactive dust,they are always full of energy until they surprise me,aiiii! even me i wonder why they do not relax small and save our eyes.
We don’t have even tarmac,leave alone round abouts,plus, there are no so many cars to keep off the only road we have,but i promise you,the cows will not be crossing crossing that day.
We don’t have tall buildings,all of them are almost the same size,but we can take you to our stadium to remove your speech,we will put tents so that it looks close to kicc,we will then take you to lake paradise,even me i have never gone but i hear it is a crater lake,mgeni njoo mwenyeji apone,even me i will get to see it.Life is not easy for the people of my place, there is a lot of bodaboda and a small number of taxis,we are going infront these days,we even have two matatus but i hear they crush into each other and hurt people, me i just laughed.How can the only two matatus crush into each other,i am sure it surprises you as well.
We have a lot of youth who have dropped out of school.They realized that chewing miraa,smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking even cheaper liquor is more fun,which is a lie but they don’t want to go to school,so me i choose to leave them alone.
Some of us though,have chosen the famous route of education,we plan on changing our lives,so if you drop by,you will make our dream come true.
Me i don’t know what is wrong with the people of my place, they love to fight the way Obama loves Auma,me i just ask myself why they cannot direct that energy and thought to doing business and becoming rich,me i love money so much.
Now you see,even my governor and mp do not talk to each other be cause they do not share tribes,so as expected,there is no development. That is why me i refuse to go home for so long,if even the people leading are like that,you can imagine the followers but to save yourself the energy to imagine,cut corner at that round about in the air and land at our small airstrip to see for yourself.It is nothing like JKIA,even the tarmac,which is the only one in my county’s town is in traces,but very few aeroplanes come, there is no need to worry.Our cows and goats eat grass in the airstrip which people from my place usually call field, in fact, they call it the field of aeroplane, the ones they see once in a year.They will be thrilled to see one unexpectedly, and even more thrilled when they find out it is a popular person,so please come and satisfy their eye.
Me i always wonder why all popular people come to Nairobi, kwani those other places like marsabit are not places? it is very saddening beyond feeling,please just come.We will even import food for you from Ethiopia,our neighbours,their chicken is so yummy, i am already salivating thinking about it.
When you come, tell the few elites of my place good things that will encourage them,me i know their dreams are valid but as is the tendancy,they will believe it when you tell them.Tell those boys to focus and think about a positive future, aki me they shock me,some of them even tell me they don’t have principles,who ever lived and succeeded without principles?
You just come,i will tell you more about the dormant community that condemns anyone who tries to be different,about a community whose literates and illiterates are equal,you can never tell the difference between who went through school and who did not,yet they blame me for not leaving the house even the few times i go there and when i leave the house and talk to them,they say it is maringo ya Nairobi, me i did not even know Nairobi has maringo, now i know.
I am sure you will visit when you want votes but i swear not to vote for any of you because you never fulfill your promises.That day you come, i will just go about my business though i know even people who have never come to town will come that day to see you. Look for me if you need anything that day,my number is ,0706….81,that one for middle,ask Bob Collymore,he knows it by head.
Hoping to see you soon.
Yours faithfully
Buzunesh Munira Hussein
that first name is Amharic, i forgot to tell you me am of Ethiopian origin,that is why i am very beautiful the way you see,just that i got born in Kenya.





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