life can be cold,really cold,but I always remember to keep my heart warm,it does so much for me,i always keep it safe,pick it from between the ribs and hide it in the depths of my lungs,even beneath chunks of my flesh, because sometimes,i break my own beautiful heart and cry myself to sleep because i  cannot blame my ex,the government, parents,siblings or even friends and as life has it for me,i rarely blame myself for anything.Life is a happy one,except when pain strikes in shifts of sharp blades that cut deep,to the roots and core and peel off every trace of smile.It is okay not to be okay sometimes but it is not logic being unhappy every other time.
life can be a piece of lemon,rotten lemon that you cannot even make into a lemonade,it’s even worse that you can’t throw it away,but impossible is possible,so you end up sucking in pain,eyes shut to the bitter taste.
We travel different paths,leading to either different or the same destinations. We get pricked by different thorns,we climb different mountains and overcome them differently, that is the beauty of it all,to tell different stories when we meet at the meeting point.
So when my cold gets freezing,i enjoy the breeze,the mist,the fog and the ice,because my heart is hidden beneath the suet,deep under.

Life can be a red carpet of burning coal that you walk on,a sea of bliss that you cannot baptize yourself in and you live on seeing all the things that you can’t have but it’s true that you have all the things that you can’t see or rather,all the things that you don’t want to see.
Life can be a thirsty water body,it makes you wonder how to quench it,hide your heart,keep it safe.Life subjects you to a lot of surgery that you need not to undergo, it cuts open a healthy skin and leaves a scar where there was no mark and where there needed to be no mark. Each cut seems deeper than the one before.
Happy is not a decision, happy is a long-term intention put to action on rare occasions, it eventually becomes a routine,a habit but unhappy has a way of staying around too long,assuring you that it is the best that you can ever have,it closes your arms so that you don’t embrace anything but her,it caresses your whole body ensuring every tissue and cell in your body is inflicted,it stays in a way that you cannot reject it.
I don’t know much about life but i know too well about my life.Like when i list down my fears and it turns out to be what most people dream to have later in life,when i ask for explanations to inexistent questions but then conclude all my confusion in a single poetic stanza, i know that i live for poetry and that is how one thing leads to another in helping me understand me further.Life is a series of steps, smooth,rough,hot,cold.Just try to adjust where necessary.


9 thoughts on “NO POINT

  1. Nellie cellynne

    Good piece Munira..Thank you I have learnt something following our earlier are doing good.just keep it up girl.


  2. You know what I like about all the stuff I read here Munira, you always get me seeing things, seeing things that you say…you talk about the “thirsty water body”,I imagine about it, life being a lemon, I see it through my mind, and see how much I can struggle to get sweet lemonade from a rotten lemon 😥 .

    Happy – Happy is not a decision, happy is a long-term intention put to action on rare occasions. Nice piece of work.

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