It feels good to be home after such a long time.I don’t usually go to see my neighbours, they come to say hi.I take a trip to my sister’s school which is across the road since i couldn’t wait for her to come home.I meet the cook,who is also a friend to my dad,i had taken along another neighbours kid,so the cook,Mr.X says something like,wewe utaolewa na  kijana yangu,and i am filled with rage,this is just a baby he is telling this shit.So i confront him,”You know what Mr. X,you should be telling this kid how she will grow up and fulfill her dreams” and i get the support of the assistant cook who happens to be a lady,she then goes ahead to tell me the tragedy of girls in her daughter’s school,three girls are pregnant,not forgetting that several others have dropped out of school to succumb to early motherhood and even sadder that the fathers of these kids are either in highschool or jobless and idle robots walking around,landing on the  closest prey.
Angry,i leave the place and promise to pay the school a visit for some talk.
The next day,i visit my grandma who has been ailing,you know how these old people are.We have our usual chats and then out of nowhere, she goes like,”were it not for this school of yours,you would be a mother of several kids right now” to make it worse,my cousin who is a few months older than I,married with two kids just walks in and grandma is all over the kid,excited.I leave,mad at my society,mad at people who do not know their priorities right.Mark you,all those that led their lives into a union of doom right after completing their KCPE are living in misery,because they married the wrong guys for all the wrong reasons and with no slightest knowledge of what marriage entails.
Dear grandma,i will not marry till i am ready to face it all,i will not allow you and your likes to pressure me into something i don’t understand, i will not be driven, misguided by primitive society rules into taking a primitive action.
It is so sad that the girls in these place, no,the youth in this place look forward to a future so dull,worse than where we started.It is painful that this ship will sink and there will be no survivors but i promise to do the best i can.
Kudos to the few that have chosen to see the light and be different, i salute you.
Remember, education and intelligence are two different things and there is no excuse for lagging behind.
I still have the pride though,to stand up and say “I come from Marsabit County” and deal with the are you sures and whats!!!
I quote mrs mutembei”you are rushing to be adults but you are forgetting that you will be adults for the rest of your life and you will be tired of being adults”.Watch your pace,organize your life and take time to learn where the path you are following leads to.There is more tomorrow than there is today.



  1. Abdia Hassan

    Go girl.. U’ve got our support.. So proud of U dear one.. Write and write,and may many ppo read and understand for that is what God likes.. Educate ppo on what is happening



    This is well captured!
    Munira, I also have pride to stand and say, no place is made of a single story despite the others being mislead you chose to be different and YES You come from Marsabit. You are the representative!
    forward EVER

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