There are the good days,the days you full of hope,energy,optimism and increased sense of importance and accomplishment, then there are the dark days,you feel low,but you can still force a smile.You can banish your tears in the interior,listen to the echoes of your heart and believe that it wants to keep beating,force your clumsy legs to drag themselves through that park that holds all your memories and just manage to be happy by force.
Then there are the darkest days,you drown in an ocean of pain,anger and remorse.These are the days smiling feels like an injustice,living feels like episodes of torture,your heartbeat seems to eulogize your untimely death,every breath you take feels like a drilling machine boring holes through your lungs.On these days,you remember every mistake you ever made,even your long gone uncle that you never got to see.Everything around including the sound of your favourite music against your ear seems to enhance your sombre mood,your own name sounds like death itself and the sound of death is the only logic thing that seems to cross your mind.On these days,you don’t want to eat,neither do you want to drink,the same way you don’t want to sleep or stay awake,you neither want to walk nor sit,so you do it all,walk-sit-stand here and there,sleep seems to be a far-fetched dream and even the ability to challenge your strength mocks you,it jeers you and you feel the warmth of all the negativity that exists,these are the darkest days.The dream that makes you smile looks unreachable, your ambitions drown in your sorrows and die,your hopes turn to ropes that keep asking you to use them as a necklace of joy to end your misery,you feel not better than that moth that falls into a flame,your whole life looks paralyzed. You know this day by the smell of its air,by the look of its clouds in the sky,everything in this day is an evidence that its the darkest day that begins at dawn.
I hate the darker days,you neither feel it nor smell it,it just comes and tears you between dark and darkest,it drenches out all your energy as you try to fall on one side.It turns your sincere smile into a grin, makes your lovely chuckle a deadly groan,puts a death thought in every live action, yet you don’t admit it,this is why it is bad. You know the dark days and the darkest days but the darker days just play around with your whole personality,they make you laugh-cry,smile-frown,and the day ends before you define your mood.I hate the darker days



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