It takes us sometime before we doze off,time varies of course, for me it’s alittle longer because all my creativity comes alive just when I am about to doze off and I have no option but to wake up and write.Then I spend the rest of the ‘transition’ period thinking,about the past,the present and mostly fantasizing the future.
The past is interesting, I mostly think about my childhood,the few funs.The present,that guy who followed me in town the other day,claiming to have fallen for me,and then I think along that line about a chain of men trying to perceive exactly what they might be thinking concerning me,this usually makes me smile,and then I pair myself up with each one of them and conclude that we can’t really be a couple,especially that kiguy whose been calling me like I owe him something.The thought of him calling me all day just turns me off.By now I am sure that he who is in my life is the only one that fits,I think about the good moments we shared.
I shift to thinking about all my girlfriends and their boyfriends, within five minutes,I manage to create the perfect proposal for each of them,attend all their weddings being the best maid and even see their babies.
I then move on to thinking about my own life now,consider getting myself married and have a heated debate that never ends.I push that aside and focus  on my house,I am considering changing the structure of the ground floor,the whole idea of all round glasses is not working,but I don’t want it to change much,I will maybe fix afew layers of bricks and then go ahead with my glasses.The colour of the living room should be lime green, I will preserve purple for my bedroom,the bathroom will remain white for now.oh,my bedroom will have to overlook my garden
That sports car will stay red and my shiny black motorbike is good to go.
The sofa set will be cream and white and the rose vase will be good by the left window,i just want one rose vase.A few family photos on the walls,especially along the hallway leading to the living room.
The living room will only have the sofa sets and two screens,i don’t want it all stuffed up,plus i am not planning on hosting so many  people,just my closest friends and closest relations,so I don’t want my house looking like a charity house.
Then I shift to the garden,I’m considering putting up a swing  and add two or three shades to the two that I already have, I will have to lay a patio so that the grass is not destroyed into a dusty path.
By now,I am so in my house,on my bed feeling all cosy and fulfilled,I just have to doze off.
Then I remember I was supposed to continue the marriage debate,i decide to postpone that and pave way for some thought about my kitchen,I really don’t care as long as it’s modern.I don’t think I will use it much anyway.I manage to decide that I will have a husband, later in life,hopefully my boyfriend and leave it at that.
It’s always a good night sleeping in my house.


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