I know we all have different priorities.First class flights,Latest Phones,Shoes,Clothes,Perfumes, Hairs,Travels, Investments etc and your priority doesn’t have to be anyone’s concern,it’s your freaking life but we all know as hell about the things that really count.

While some men choose to drown in oceans of booze some women focus on keeping their life on track,focusing on their children’s education,looking out for their businesses and ensuring a smooth run,in fact, women can make such great bosses.


Then I just had to meet this idiot of a man who really mistreats this makanga who happens to be a lady,and then she boldly tells him mimi siogopi wanaume kwa sababu siwategemei,unaskia,najitaftia na nalisha watoto wangu,kwa hivyo usiniletee she deserves a hug, a big one and truth be told,that man had no reason to be rude he was simply showcasing how brainless some characters can be.
I don’t know where that primitivity comes from and I would like to believe that it wasn’t created by God,it happens that we direct everything in God’s direction, even the things we created ourselves,it’s so humanlike to look for an inlet for our problems, even the ones that erupt from within ourselves and then make God the source of the problem.
Now,if you are a man and you think women need you so as to stand on their own two feet,count me out as that needy woman.If you have always believed that women do not see beyond clothes and shoes,know that you are miserably misled and if you cannot believe in the ability of a woman to make great decisions, then you have nothing else left to believe in but your mental breakdown.


Anyone,i meant to say,any man who looks down upon a woman in this age and time was left out of the previous generation and is a mistake in the 21st century.He should look for a way of going back to where he belongs and as long as you were born of a woman,you have no right whatsoever to feel superior to a woman because she spared your freaking life.
As I said,no one dictates my place in the society,I will be the head if I want to and I will be the feet if it suits my precious self,because a woman has the ability to steer her life to the heights and depths of her desire,because all a woman needs to do is to start seeing herself as a human with unlimited ability and stop comparing herself to the creatures in comparison as in this context,simply I mean,the men.
Money don’t impress me or any woman who understands that she can make money,a Prado don’t impress a woman who works to drive a Lamborghini and a rented apartment don’t attract a woman who aspires to live in a glass house of her own,so dear men,trade carefully when you catcall every woman on the street simply because you seated in a X-trail.
Proud women wake up and say,“I’m a strong woman” not “I’m as strong as a man”



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