When God gives you strenght and physical energy and it overwhelms you and you pounce on an innocent lady to channel your energy to her and deprive her of her innocence,you are cursed.How does it feel,when you leave her in pain,not only physical but eternal emotional pain? how does it feel,when you lift your stinking body off her and look at her distorted face,how does it feel to take in all the screams and pleas and still go ahead and make her unclean

It’s so sad,deeply depressing.


Dear beautiful lady,stop crying,stop blaming yourself. I know it feels right to want to commit suicide,it feels okay to blame yourself for not being strong enough to vandalize his transformer, I know that pain that sticks around like a cigarette smoke,I know the trauma of going through it all alone, I know the shame and fear each time you look at yourself in the mirror,I know how it all seeps through your soul each passing day,making you feel worthless and weak,I also know that the worst feeling is watching a disaster with the inability to do anything about it.


The worst disaster though,is letting yourself drown in an ocean of sorrow.The greatest mistake is allowing him to sweep you into his kind of life,which is in my category of lifeless
I also ask myself,”what are the reasons for this kind of act” you might never want to know,but trust that it is for the best,then again HOW ON EARTH? I don’t know.
I know though,the beauty of strength, the beauty of beating the odds,the sweetness of refusing to drown in your pain and emerging, the pride in betraying shame to gain fame.

It is not your fault that you were too young to fight,it is not your  fault that you had to walk home that night,it is beyond you that you had to be left home with him that day,so do not cry anymore,I plead with you to stop longing for death,I beg you to embrace yourself because it is done,because you are not the mistake,do not give him the pleasure of seeing the dejection in your eyes,do not retreat into the dark cave,life is beautiful,try darling and see a little clearer,you can only do that when you wipe your tears.
Listen to your heart,it’s pleading for love,love yourself,listen to your soul, it is not ready to die,go on baby girl,you can do it.
I will not ask you to forgive him but please forgive yourself for that sin,that burden of guilt is not yours to bear.Give yourself a chance,that’s the only thing you deserve.


3 thoughts on “JUST STAND UP

  1. Juliette

    True…it took me ten years to recover.I encourage my fellow victims to take their bodies back.No matter how long it takes the sun will shine someday.To the perpetrators sex is not football


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