I had a visitor today,when I first heard that knock,I looked away,then rose to my feet to peep through the crack,I smiled but could not let it in,call it fear of the unknown.
I shifted my gaze to the outside world and counted how fast things were happening in my life,the muscle aches reminded me of the beds I had to carry to my new house yesterday,My flu not getting any better,the persistent nausea, the continuous dry coughs,the skull-cracking headache, kidney pain,damn!!!!
Midway through the evil thoughts,I remembered the guest at the door,I smiled at her,she was pretty, really beautiful and her one-sided smile was breathtaking,so I let her in,you are not only beautiful when everything is fine, you are more beautiful when you are troubled,you are stronger when you are trying to always stand on your feet,you are tougher when you hold back those tears so as not to ruin your well done eye pencil,she held me by the shoulder and gave me a glass of water,in my own house “this will help your kidney” she whispered ” and stop looking like you carry all the problems of the world,stop thinking you are blessings-barred,stop feeling lost yet you are found” I was lost for words,then she said”you see,I don’t like it when you and I fight,you never let me feel,you never let me be human,you love being tough,so allow me today,to keep you strong”

She stayed a little longer and when it was clear that I had reconciled with my outside,she went back inside and smiled at me,I caught a glimpse of that in the rear-view mirror from the passenger seat and I felt strong enough to face another day,I felt the worth of my existence,I couldn’t thank my soul enough for paying me a visit in my lowest of moments.

Sometimes, the burdens overwhelm you that you actually forget the laws that you usually apply to your life to stay happy,the books you read that are a healing balm when your soul is weary,you seem not to think beyond your fears and pain,pause for a moment,give your soul a chance to take away the frown from your face because it’s only in giving you the best that your inside and outside reconcile.
To achieve this,you need to feed your soul with strength,hope,love for self,happiness and much more positivity in your best moments so that it comes to your rescue when days are dark.

Keep smiling
Keep dreaming
Keep working
Keep praying
The things you love will only be found in your searching.



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