When they have learnt that you are strong,when they finally agree that you are a hard nut to crack,they forget that you have a heart,they walk past like you not visible, it hurts sometimes but sometimes, it just reminds you why you chose to be strong,it assures you that you never made a mistake and people can never really care.

So you learn to smile,a smile that never gets to your eyes,it ends somewhere between your two cheeks,at least it manages to crack a curve on your lips to reveal some white teeth,they always said you don’t smile because your dental formula is something like a donkey’s face.


When challenges are the things that break you down,please see me,I don’t know much, I know how to refuse to break down,I know how to unclip my wings and take off from the depths of burning fire,I know how to quench my thirst with water from an empty glass,I know how to light a candle in the dark,I know how to fight all my fears,okay,not all,especially the fear of darkness(nyctophobia), that’s probably the reason why I can light a candle and insect phobia,only those two,I also know how to cry my heart out and expell my pain through salty water that come from the two oceans on my face.

Life is a battle and only you fight your battles.When it becomes too tough for you,stop fighting and re-strategize,maybe it’s the wrong battle,maybe it’s the wrong method  but do not quit because there are only two things to it,you win or succumb, the latter only means that you are a slave of life,that only leaves you with the winning option.

Do not hold my hand when I fall,but please give me space to pick myself up,give me a chance to correct my mistakes.

Allow me to cry when I need to,do not hand me a tissue,I want to feel the tears run down my cheeks, I want it to wipe out my make up,allow me to break down,my foundation gets stronger each time I do that.

Do not condemn my heart,you have no idea what it’s been through, you have no clue the journey it travelled,you don’t know why it beats so enthusiastically, you just get to know it and you will know what I mean.

Do not though,pity me for the things I been through,do not say sorry cause that crap is my mistake,my burden and I don’t regret one bit.

Yes I am tough and yes,I am human,I feel,I hate,I love,I cry,I laugh,so loud that I wonder if there’s something else inside of me, I make mistakes, some knowingly and yes,I am proud of all of it.


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