1.He is not the one.If he were the one,then you wouldn’t be living like someone whose just lost all that she ever lived for.
2.He does not love you.Men have never really loved and they will not start now,so your man is not a special case.After all,they would rather be respected than loved, whatever the hell that means,I don’t see a point but I don’t have to.
3.He won his bet.Men are crazy,in fact,stupid is the word,let me put the word some for the sake of all the many few men that claim to be different, so some men are stupid, they use your feelings for the sake of a stupid bet and being an emotional being,you succumb to his dirty trap,that’s why when the deal is too good,you leave before you fall too deep.
4.He has a wife/girlfriend.Have you ever wondered why all men are single and all women except me and a few others are in a relationship? good,we’re on the same page, then you must have wondered who on earth they’re dating,unless their boyfriends are the aliens I heard discovered by NASA.When he says he is single, ask him who the poor thing he is denying is.
4.He is joking.When he says he has fallen for you,he is probably not serious,he’s doing it to see your reaction,he needs a story to tell his boys at the end of the day,  so check any sign of dust or marks,if there are non,then the nigga is as stable as the foundation of a well built house,plus you can just say sorry for the sake of sympathy,that he fell for you,then tell him that the next time he wants to fall for you,he should ask if you can fall for yourself instead.

5.He is not as  damaged as he claims.When he tells you about his past story that makes your eyes want to flood your face,it is probably not true,he is just being creative because men know that women are emotional beings and most of them don’t go beyond that,so when he is done, smile and tell him “wow,just look at you now,you don’t look half as damaged as you say”
7.He has no money. That car he is driving is probably not his and he struggles to pay his house rent, so when he asks you out,choose wisely, do not go to kempiski,eat the whole hotel and end up in jail,he will run away,the trick is,take him to your fav.joint, order what you can pay for,if he pays,good,if he doesn’t, pay and walk out feeling good about your capability
8.He forgot to call back.So when he says he was busy at the office,it is not true,he just forgot that responsibility he had.Do not though, question him,remember we said we shouldn’t give a damn.

9.He does not like it when you call.That’s even more devastating for him if you the type that calls at the sight of a dress worth ksh 200 to tell him about it,manage your thoughts and let the man have a peaceful day,the thought of having you in his life is demoralizing enough.

10.He wishes you would say you’re busy.Just this once please tell him you’ve planned something with your girls,your mum or that long lost friend you ran into last week.He is asking for your time out of formality,we all know the reality
11.He does not know as much as he claims to know,it works for him because you stupidly nod at his every suggestion,comment and observation, oppose him sometimes, give him a challenge so that when he says that Lugazi sugar should stay in Uganda,you tell him why it should come to Kenya.Your opinions are varied but they are equally valid
12.Buy him a gift.Baby chocolate,baby teddy bear,baby shoes,baby sijui this and that,pass by that stall and get him a shirt,a pack of Vests,a pair of shoes or even socks,he deserves a little appreciation for trying to be there for you even though he doesn’t really want to. He did not know that you would say yes to his request and hence was not prepared for this commitment, but hey,he’s trying to deal with the horrible mistake he made
13.He is not jealous. When he asks who is calling,he is secretly praying that it is someone who will snatch you from him,in fact,he will gladly hand you over.

Look here ladies,we all know where we are wanted and where we are not welcome.Do not try so hard to make your presence worth,move the hell on,no one ever died of being alone unless they allowed loneliness to creep in.
When you waiting for him to change,know that life is not patient enough and as much as patience pays, sometimes it only delays your success.
Play it safe.


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