I willl date you, but do not expect frequent calls,in fact,you will find yourself calling me more, I will call you at least once in a day,it doesn’t mean I love you less, if you don’t want to check on me,it’s okay, sure as hell,I am fine

Do not expect me to be available every weekend or every other day you want to see me,I will disappoint you sometimes, actually most of the times because familiarity breeds contempt.

I might not act like I love you,you will never see your pic as my whatsapp profile,you might never be my status,you will not appear on my fb wall,because I have a special wall in the core of my heart,just for you.It’s painted the colour of our love and engraved your name on every corner.

If I find someone better than you, I will leave,no offence but we’re always looking for greener pastures.
I will neither do your laundry nor cook your meals,I’m not sure I’ll do that as a wife but as a girlfriend, hell no!!!
we cannot share a toothbrush, damn!that’s outright disgusting.Plus,remember your soap dish is blue and mine is purple,I will understand if you were colorblind but I know you are not.

You will come for a sleep over occasionally but don’t make it a habit,I value my space.
I will still have my boy friends, I have no plans of starting from scratch when you leave or give me a reason to leave
I will always make your life easy but if you screw up….just try it and see.

I am not good at this being romantic thing but I’ll occasionally write you sweet poems,maybe once a week or in two weeks,it will all depend on your attitude towards me through the week.Try being nice as frequent as you can.

In my moment of random thoughts,you might not be what I think about but when I have nothing else to think about,I promise to think about you.It is at such times that you will get a call from me.

Do not suspect me,especially if it’s cheating. I don’t do that,if it isn’t right with you that am going for a movie with a potential partner,you sure don’t want the best for me.

Please remember to forget to ask me who I am with,especially if you failed me on a planned date,unless you really are ready for the answer.

Once we break up,because I assure you that we will,I will call you more than I ever did,just to help you get through it.Having been through it,I know how many times I wished he would call,damn! he did not.I also know that shit about looking at your contacts and that one contact being the only one you see out of the 261,just dial,I will pick and be as nice as can be,I know how pain feels,I feel it because I lost you or is it you who lost me?

When I finally move on,you will know because the calls will stop,your calls will not be picked, your messages will remain unread.


11 thoughts on “MY BOYFRIEND

  1. I am pretty sure it might be a little too late for me to ask this considering the date of publish but either way, How did Micheal take this? It appears to me like a well written certificate towards imminent destruction!


  2. waaaa, I fear dating such persons. you will never know if they love you, since if they get a good partner they will move on…..also is a good insight for a man to be much good for her not to leave……good work Munira


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