I know men,I know how a man talks,I know how a man walks,I know how a man solves his problems,I know how a man treats a lady…….I also know boys,their petty talks about cheap liquor and classless ladies, I know their dress codes, labeled clothes, you could mistake them for a moving advertisement board,their huge phones that they almost want to hang on their necks, you will know them by the way they text niaje mxupa,uko za wapi leo,
I’m fine,niko kwangu”
umelost wapi sku izi,maze umekimya
Nimekuwa busy
hata kama men!mtu husalimiana
ni we uko na number yangu,mi skujui hata
ooh,ni Eriko maze
okay,look,I know at least five Erics,so specify your goddamn name from the rest.
umekuwa ukido nini lately
school and a few other things
ooh,long time,natamani nikuone,nmekumiss joh
ni sawa
uko free when
I’ll let you know when I’m free
poa,ukuwe na usiku poa
nawe pia.
If I text you after such a conversation, sue me.
I know that you remember how you’ve missed my voice  because you had storo bonus, that’s why anyone who calls me after 10pm is in the list of those trying to wind up their airtime. I appreciate that you remembered me,so if it’s not work related,calling me after 10 is an offence,especially if you haven’t  made an effort to contact me in the past week at a decent hour.

There is a decent way to text someone,e.g hallo Michael,it’s Munira from K.U,I hope you doing well.It was a pleasure meeting you at school today.
The I’m your secret admirer thing is so outdated,it makes me feel I’m in the 80s,years that I did not experience in real life.Spit your filthy name and say what the hell it is that you want,to see me? I’m free on sunday, just saying hi? thanks,missed me?  me too,want to marry me? I do baby,want to ask me out? how about never?,all I am saying is,upgrade your game,speak out,no one has time for stupid games,no one is in the mood to keep guessing, apparently, not me.

What’s your favourite food? Rocks
what’s your favourite music? your nasty voice
what’s your favorite movie? tom and jerry
what is your best colour? my skin colour
look,if you going to interview me,at least let me know it’s an interview.I will also appreciate if you told me where you’ll take the Q n A once it’s done.
Bottom line, style up and create a conversation, not an interview session.
I will not ask where you got my number,that question is so old,it sounds like my great grandpa’s age but now that you have it,please use it to make my life better and save me from asking What’s wrong with these boys?

Empty praises are not welcome,ati,you different from all the ladies I have met,problem is,you can’t identify a single difference, damn!!even the difference in my name?
I know who I am,how different and similar,how beautiful and how ugly I can get.
save yourself the trouble,God!!! what is wrong with these boys



  1. Cindy

    I like this article. I also don’t like the guessing games these boys make girls participate in, so I don’t answer those kinds of annoying texts. I set myself free. You’re right on! 🙂


  2. Cindy

    I like this article. I also don’t like the guessing games these boys do, so I don’t answer those kinds of annoying texts. I set myself free. You’re right on.


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