Oh God,where did I meet this guy,my mind keeps racing as I approach him hoping that he doesn’t remember my name,I keep the awkward smile on my face to fake memory.
Hey,you been gone forever, where have you been?
I have been on five months of holiday and we are not neighbours,that’s my mind,then my tongue dances to a thought in line with i been around,you know,it’s back to school.
I want to take you home to introduce you to mama,
I raise an eyebrow,the way I do when I’m trying not to burst into laughter and then oh,do you think She’ll approve?
it’s me to decide and if I have decided it’s you,she has no choice
Damn!what was his name,
I’ll see you after class,I am X,i hope you haven’t forgotten
My smile intensifies a little, of course not,I do remember you.
God’s favour upon me did not allow him to ask where I had met him, I totally have no idea.
So X calls later that morning and is like,Hey, I’ll give you directions to my place,I want you over now,
Dude,I have classes to attend,I’ll see you when I’m done.
The guts of him!!
lilian,you won’t believe what a guy i met yesterday is saying,first he is calling me babe,secondly, he is ordering me,thirdly i don’t like him and most importantly, he doesn’t stand a chance.
he is a moron,ako na ujinga by the way,akikuja hata usiniamshe,nshaboeka.
Evening comes and he calls,nipate hapo equity
drop by my place if you can,i won’t make it
He drops by and is already feeling like a husband in a wife’s home, look here dude,I ain’t nowhere close to being anything you want me to be,so I tell him,respect the fact that you know nothing apart from my name,he is shocked, looks like he’s used to having things his way,those ladies before me set the bar too low and I ain’t stooping and inch lower ,so he should know that if he gat pride,I take pride for breakfast, lunch and supper,it’s the snack i take with my coffee at 10,4 and 10,if it’s ego,i swim in ego,shower ego,apply ego,dress ego,walk ego and feel ego in every step I take,I ain’t no village woman to carry the goodies when you return from the city,I am the woman who will pay her bills,be her hero and sort her life out, I am the kind that isn’t afraid to tell you i don’t like your hand on my thigh,or you holding my hand because it is plain disrespect, you got money but I don’t need it,at least not from you, if every bitch falls at your feet,I am the lady that will step on your toe and slap your face,if they all succumb to your demands,I am a Queen and my wish will be your command,so before anything else,know your place in my life before I make yours a little more miserable,I am not afraid because I have been called a hoe,an angel,a devil,anything can be me and nothing scares me,unless it’s darkness.
And the next time you wanna call me babe,remember my birth certificate reads Munira,plus,I am under no pressure to marry,it wouldn’t be you anyway.


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