You will see his boyish nature when he approaches you with that sheepish smile on his face,niaje msupa,unakaa poa okay,then being the naive innocent girl,the pretty lady at heart,you give him the warm welcome due to his appreciative nature,at least he acknowledged that you are pretty.
   He then showers you with petty love,that’s just what you accept because you are not money minded and you have the purest of love.So each weekend,he takes you to California Mega plaza in Km where you’re bought chapo mix am told at 20bob,the cheapest food,while your classmates are at Sandton Palace and above enjoying a cool environment.I hope you know KM is that slum like structure around K.U where comrades find affordable stuff.
  After a few semesters,there is no helb,hence no money to take you to the Restaurant with cheap things at big names,as my friend calls it.
But she stays because her love is real.Eventually,the campus hubby is bored and wants to quit, so he runs from one lady to another,breaking as many hearts as the virginities.
   All of them,heart broken and sad will definately grow resistant and learn to act better especially because there is no difference between being a lover and a money maker.
  My guy finally graduates and is under pressure to marry,he and his likes have fucked up every lady that there is,but they still want a wife material!!!! wife material ni wewe!!!!
   Then you land on a woman who has gone through hands like yours and she’s marrying you for your filthy money.She is not a gold digger,she doesn’t know how to hold any material that makes a hole on the ground, she has learnt that she can get better results than before,she can actually make a life out of you.
  Because what goes around comes around,you don’t ever feel loved or the comfort of a home,take to alcohol and other suffering bitches but you still die unfulfilled.
  That’s life for you man.You can’t have it all and you can’t make a choice,you die undecided.
   Keep looking for wife materials,but remember you used them up and forgot to preserve any for future.
As for me,well,I am thriving in my enlightenment and taking care of myself because I discovered what there is in the world for me,that does not even know I know my worth.
    Fight your battles dear women, do not accept cheap,do not be cheap.Cheap is ever expensive and learning the hard way is not the easy way.


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