First,I am mad at Rongai Vehicles for charging me 150 shillings,I just don’t get why.Anyway,I board one of the noisiest and sit by the window,it’s always good being near the window especially when I know I’ll be travelling a thirty-minute journey for roughly two hours.
I take out the The Colour of Death, it’s the novel am on this week and just when am about to feel the rythym of the book,a huge something falls next to me.
I look up to confirm it is not a sack of potatoes and get back to reading when the huge eyes stare at my tiny self.
Three-four minutes,we’re on Lang’ata road and my guy unleashes his book and before reading a paragraph, he is snoring his head off.
Oh God,you see I am tiny,please don’t let him fall on me.Fortunately, he keeps his balance and hence his huge body to himself.
I call on the conductor to give me my change and Vitalis amplifies the voice for me and I have my cash.
Now we’re close to Rongai but the traffic ahead is heavy,so the high-on- weed driver takes a short route that is definitely not tar…..
sasa huyu anatupeleka wapi!!!!
it’s evident that the big guy has never used a public means,I opt to be kind and tell him,
hii ni shortcut,atatokea Tuskys
Shortly before we arrive,
unaitwa nani
oooh,mi naitwa vitalis.
unaishi huku
hapana, nmekuja kutembea
unarudi lini
saa ngapi
nipatie namba yako
we nipee yako,ntakupigia
haya,nipigie kabla uende
unlike my boys and the few men I meet,his approach is different and totally boring, more like an interview session and you know how much I hate that.
I did not call him,I did not save his contact .
I have tried to justify him but I can’t find a reason.
I imagine my father doing the same and think of the disappointment on my mama’s face.I cannot do anything that will make me look like a family breaker so to be on  the safe side,I let Vitalis go.
I have had girls calling me over their boys and I want no woman involved in my life.
Dear big men looking like a money bag,I love money but not yours,It’s safer in your account because at the end of the day, my payment will be a “thank you” by word of mouth. You know how devastating that can be,right?
I just saved your a** Vitalis,try someone else who won’t.


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