I am not searching, the only two reasons for that is,I’m taken or I’m just not interested.Most of you will guess wrong but whichever you choose to go with is okay,the point is I am not searching.
1.My man has to show some degree of jealousy.I mean,how is it okay that I go out without him and he doesn’t even ask who is taking me out,or that guy who usually calls way past 10pm and my baby boo is not bothered to ask who it is.I will be tempted to think that he doesn’t give a damn and being me,I’ll just quit.
Then again,he should be territorial and make the mafisi understand that he is the chosen one..I’ll confirm to them.
2.My man has to be authoritative. I am a daddy’s kid,I do whatever I want whenever I want to,okay,he has to allow me to do some things, actually a lot of things but he should not make me feel like I am dating my dad.

3.My man should know how to say No to some of the things I suggest, like when I want to be out till 12 midnight,he should not be okay with that.Damn!! even I would never allow him to be out past 10!!
4.He should take charge of our relationship,I can be in charge of so many things but a relationship,naaaah!! and any woman will tell you that she is not interested in steering a relationship. Oh,but that doesn’t make him any superior to me,it’s a role he is playing for as long as we last(remember the future ex thing?)
5.Let’s never fight over who should call or text first, I did that fight when I was in highschool, I can’t do it in my third year.
6.To be honest, if I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t be dating him and If I wanted to leave,just a snap of a finger and I’m so gone(smiley for Michael),point is,eliminate fear of losing me and do what you would have done if you knew am stuck with you.
7.He should definitely show me everyday of his life that he loves me and I am the only one,I share a lot of things, not really that much but my man is not in the list,it’s either me or he is not there at all.
8.He should look like he has a better future than his present. He should believe in his wildest of dreams and be the kind to wake up and fulfill them,we not gon’ feed on love,we won’t drive love,we won’t live love,I love you honey,but let’s remember to make money.
9.He should have a high self esteem. I am not going to train anyone on how to love themselves and know their value,he should know that at all times.
10.My man should speak out,it pisses him off? let me know,the habit of going silent on me and expecting me to figure things out will not work.I am trying to figure out a lot of things in life,like what project I’ll work on for my final year and what outfit I’ll wear to school tomorrow, he should not add to my burden.Plus, If we dating, it should make our lives better.
11.Still on speaking out, if he realizes it’s not working for him,he should man up and call it quits.I don’t need no sympathy to keep him,if he came to walk away,he should do just that.I love him but I have no control over his stay.
12.Ask what he doesn’t understand about me,see what no one else sees in me,the good of course and the delicate life beneath a tough outlook.

13.If he can’t keep me in check, he ain’t worth anything. Make a spoilt brat fall in love and stay there.
  Look,I may not be the ideal wife material but I do things differently in a way that works best for me,life is simple,let’s not complicate things,let’s work on making us better.My man should not make  me try too hard to fit in his life,I am trying out  a lot of things already,like if my selected outfit is comfortable enough for tomorrow and of course how elegant I will look.


9 thoughts on “MY IDEAL MAN

  1. Abba Hydara

    Hi Munira: that’s a brilliant expression of a sweet dream. I love it. I would ace almost all of it except the silence part: it’s my way of saying I do not like to be misunderstood or misquoted or mistaken. It is the sort of silence that hurts. It lasts for several hours but I bet you would chase me away!
    I am a lion, “the strong lion” and I like a tigress to breed Ligers and Tigons!
    I think your manual is passable. Hongera!!


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