I ask God pa,everyday of my life,maybe I don’t deserve success,maybe I don’t deserve anything good,maybe I don’t deserve wealth but for the sake of my parents, for the sake of the endless efforts of my dad,grant me all so that I can make them comfortable in their old age.

Papa, I have never felt so safe,so loved,so cared for.I have never known what to do in your absence but I don’t want to think about it because whether you are there or not,you are always there.
Daddy,You may not see me try,you may not see me cry,feeling like a liability whenever you ask me how I am doing and what I need,whenever I go out and you say “pick whatever you want babygirl,do not worry” .
I never worry daddy,okay,I worry sometimes because I feel like a bother,but when you pick my call with so much excitement and I tell you I have a problem and your smile doesn’t fade away,I know that I hold a special place in your heart.


habi,angel and the father of angels.

Twende kwa mama nani baba yah,daddy calls me baba,the way he wants to tag me along wherever he goes,how he insists that he and I go shopping for the family.It makes me guilty pa,that I spend 99% of my time away from the people that matter most in my life and have to put up with those that drain every inch of my happiness.

Your patience, hardwork,unconditional love,daddy you make me feel like I have it all, like I don’t need anything more,like….I don’t know but if I was to live again,I’ll still want to be your daughter, I’ll still want to be woken up by you in the morning, no one does it as gently as you do papa,my alarm scares the crap outta me.

The way you let me be,even when I don’t cook your meals,the way you hand over the remote as soon as I step into the house.You make me feel so special,so worthy,it has  set a standard for my life, a high one such that your baby girl takes no lesser treatment from anyone, she never says yes when she really wants to say no,because you taught me that I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to.

I will respect,honour,love,cherish you all the days of my life through every step.I will count you a blessing even when I have nothing left to count on.

I love you daddy and I will never love you less.


4 thoughts on “DADDY

  1. Anonymous

    This is what i call love,you know the reasons that make you heart your daddy from the tiniest to big are such an angel day inshallah you’ll have all you need/want and you shall spoil daddy like a small boy.keep writting sweethrt coz no one does it better than you.


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