Apologies for my disappearance, being in school is hard I tell you.
This is for my male friends who’ve been complaining that my blog is unfair.
Life is hard on all of us and whether we like it or not,love and matters of the heart are at the top of our problems more often.Life is even harder when you have a stupid woman in your life,she will question everything,from nothing to more nothing.
Who is Betty? who were you talking to before I came in? who did you call today? why didn’t you call me?
petty issues that add no value to your future such that everytime you have a conversation with her,you wish you hadn’t made that call.
Women are emotional beings,I agree but stupidity has nothing to do with emotions.These are the kind of women that shout so loud like they got nothing between their ears,at the slightest provocation. You can never ask them anything because for the next two days,you will be munched on in every language she understands.They follow every advice given by her circle of silly girlfriends,half of whom are single by the way,lazima akupee pesa,mwambie akupeleke salon,si unaeza kuwa na Mike pia,Edu hatajua,mi naona kama anacheat,mwambie akuonyeshe passwords zake zote,haujui atm pin yake? Note: none of these are constructive or beneficial in the long run.
So she comes home and starts practising the new rules,leta hiyo simu,blah blah blah.Damn!!! If I were a man,I would slap the hell out of her and face FIDA.
Just to say,there are reasonable men out there and stupid women who make their life miserable.
Caring about what your man does is love but overdoing it means not having a life of your own,let him call whoever he wants to,let him do whatever that pleases him and if it affects you,there is something called dialogue which means a conversation where people talk and listen,not scream and throw things all over like they just lost a new Bugatti and if he isn’t changing, there is something called LEAVING. I have a thing for leaving by the way,because it ensures your emotional safety at all times.
So dear men,if the face is pretty,admire it but ensure she does not emanate stupidity,there is nothing worse than dating a stupid woman,marrying her is a tragedy.
She will embarass you through each faculty of your life,she will storm into your work place to demand for money to take Junior to the hospital,she will scream that you are a horrible man right in front of your friends and leave you wondering whether to keep talking or just die,she will tell her friends that she married a pig,she will tell your kids that their father is a fool,everyone in the neighborhood including the salonists will know you for all the wrong reasons.
We all act intelligent and wise when we meet a guy we like but it doesn’t last long because it’s a little more fake than the KU perimeter wall.Any wise man should be able to analyze a woman before making moves on her because despite her Masters degree,she will fight mama mboga if the woman dared say hi to you.
She will pour acid on her maid’s face,she will tear your shirts and burn your trousers…. what I am trying to say is,STAY SAFE.

Michael and I are dealing with one and I tell you it ain’t no bar of chocolate.



  1. Salome

    women need to get a life,aside from their men.I blame socialization on the stupid woman’s syndrome. Society teaches women that men are semi- gods,that life is unbearable without a man.Women end up being desperate and clingy hence such funny behaviour.Munira I would tear apart his shirts(maybe not shirts,destroy his I phone or mercedes) if he makes me super super mad.Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.


  2. I love this article, yes women do get do petty at a times. I call call it immature. A lady is how you teach treat her. If you should her that she can always screen at you like a crazy she will. All women need to understand their men as the same why men should understand and love their women too. Hitting a women is an odd thing so dialogue can always work. Nice article Munira

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  3. Wait a moment Munira, is it a “Good Bad Women’s Day??” Because I just read another story, seriously driving me into deep thoughts about the woman I should have. Now here you are, wow. I am not complaining anyway, I am just marveling. You know, I like how you slap both sides of the coin, not just for the purpose of showing impartiality, but for the purpose of saying that all of us are more like each other, we are all stupid and all emotionally intelligent, only the degree of these two differ, and there is only succinct signs of them, so one has to look out for them keenly.

    stupid woman, in your description….not my choice at all. I have being nagged, its one of those things that make me feel inferior, and this may apply to a few men too,…Its annoying not to be treated like an adult yet you are. It’s a show of puerility in such a woman to grab all the garbage pieces of advice from equally inexperienced girlfriends.


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