Changing People’s Perception

You have found yourself prejudging at one point or another only to find out later,that you were damn wrong about it all.Actually, most of the times that we make a conclusion about situations, we are wrong.
   When I joined highschool in 2009,I knew I would not make a single friend,I had already planned how I will only talk to and interact with Muslims and people from my place,now,this is a very shallow mind,totally shallow.I had never stayed long from my home,Marsabit and I didn’t know I had so much to learn.
Tell you what,I met the people who changed my life in the people I never wanted to interact with,Lilian Muliti who has been a great pillar of my life ever since I got to know her,Sylvia Nyawira,Morine Mwende,Jackline Karwitha.
  In my place, people have always  considered the rest as ‘the rest’ so the thought of ever dating or marrying from ‘ the rest’ never crossed my mind until exposure happened and I realized that actually, ‘the rest’ have more new lessons.The more I interacted with all kinds of people, the more I learnt and the more I wanted to learn,then I concluded that our judgements are often wrong.
   The day Dennis Mwenda approched me in the laboratory and started a conversion with me,he had no idea that this Muslim lady from northern Kenya would be his best friend. Why? because, as he later confessed, he had an attitude towards them,he had always thought that these people don’t interact with people who are not one of their own,ask him what he thinks now.

   Society might shape us in a certain way,to believe certain things but as an individual, what do you believe in,what makes you different,why don’t you try finding your own believes aside from what the society has taught you?.
Get out of your comfort zone,being different never killed anybody.Standing out only means you have discovered yourself.
  Kenya has so many tribes,you can be tribe all.Judging people on the basis of their religious beliefs or tribe is plain insanity. An individual is not a whole community, we must learn to separate the two.’ I can’t hang out with so and so because she is kikuyu,luo or an oromo just shows that you are still evolving.
  I don’t even know why I am writing about this but let’s change our perceptions,let’s not laugh at the guy in a torn shirt, you don’t know the reason why it is torn and he is still wearing it,let’s not discuss the lady who wears a pair of shoe over and over,you have no idea why,let’s not talk about people because we have not walked their roads and we don’t know why they do what they do. let’s change the way we view things, if you are happy, be grateful, if you are sad,try being happy because life is just life and we all know how it is.


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