My wish list is long.
I want a lot of things even though I know there is zero probability of me achieving some of them.I still wish for them to come to pass.

I wish I could stop living between the past and the present

I wish I could stop walking the roads that lead me astray

I wish I could stop smiling when I really don’t want to,making me look like a fucking fool grinning at his only clever thought.

I wish I could do everything at the same time.
I wish I could solve the religion mystery and tell people that faith is stronger than religion.

I wish people took time to understand one another because they take more time to judge one another and several years regretting their judgements.

I wish I could tell people that there is a difference between education and wisdom,that Phd holders are not always the most intelligent people and the kid in the shacks has a solution to the problem the kid in the castle has,like fixing his bicycle tyre.

I wish I could tell all the suffering hearts that there is a sanctuary in the Lord and in love for all of them.

I wish all the doubting souls could put a test to themselves and speak out that there is no sky but just a blank space that looks blue.

I wish I could narrate the story of my life without flinching. why should I flinch if it’s true that I have moved on?

I wish we could all stop blubbering about how strong we are and start accepting our weak points,about how we’ve moved on and start admitting that you still miss him/her,you still miss your mother 4 years down the line,you still wish you got the job you wanted.
If it makes you flinch,it still has a place in your life.

I wish I could go to Toronto and Vancouver right away.
I wish I could forgive the  souls that tore me apart
I wish I could stop holding myself so tight in fear of falling apart

I wish I could collect all the pieces of me I lost to the cold world.
I wish I knew which parts of me I lost.
I wish I could read the hearts of those we call mean and expose that good thing in them.
I wish I could expose the hypocrisy of the dignified and sanctified souls,just so that we see we not so different at all.

I wish I could minimize the cruelty of my reduce it’s craving for all the things that depress me when they come to it and focus on the few things that make me smile.
There is a smile beneath,there is a laughter beneath.


I wish for all  the things I wish for…
I wish you knew that I don’t write my wishes in regret
I wish I wish
I wish upon my wishes to wish me all the best.


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