I know exactly what to do when the man in my life trips and falls into another woman’s life,you know they always say ‘it was an accident’,this is a special accident though.

Anyway, I will notice it when it gets to happen that we’re two or more,he will not call as often, he will not have much to tell me,he will not pick my calls as fast as he used to or he will even ignore them,he will be more busy,more than he’s ever been and most importantly, my womanly instinct will not let me relax.

So when I walk into a restaurant and find him there,having the greatest time of his life after telling me he’s busy,hell yah! he’s damn busy.Will I scream and run mad? but why? I am a woman with class,I will walk up to him,”hi,how are you? it’s been such a long time”
Then to the lady “hallo,My name is Munira, Greg and I used to be classmates in Kaaga Girl’s High School,enjoy yourselves though”
I will gracefully walk to a table,order,feed like my life depends on it,because it somehow does,then walk out.He will not call me,or come up to talk to me,I’m busy too,I didn’t come up here just to have my good evening ruined.

I will then go home,if we were married,I will pack up and leave. The kids? he will raise them,I mean,why is it always the mother who gets tied down with that responsibility? I want to tour the world because definitely, I will not start another family with another Idiot. Or maybe I will stay and make his life a little hell,women know how to do that and I will silently make him regret every single day of his life and nobody will even notice there is a problem in the house.

That whole crap about remembering where we started, that’s not for me to remember that’s for him to dream about every damned night he spends without me.
If it’s a relationship, the easier. I will be so thankful to walk out before falling deeper into a pit with a man who will step on my head and save himself.

Why would I go about breaking doors, crashing his Bentley, tearing his shirts? I am mad,yes I am but I don’t have to lose the little that’s left of my sanity and he will call and apologize,I’m gonna tell him “you are forgiven but the cracks remain” there are no second chances for cheaters.
Maybe I will cry myself to sleep a few nights,maybe I will not shed a single tear but I will definitely move the hell on.

I never understand why cheating is such a big deal,it only means he found something you can’t offer that he needs and that’s okay because someone will leave someone and choose you.


5 thoughts on “WHEN HE CHEATS

  1. Shapoopi

    Not in the defence of cheaters but allow me to offer a male thought…Stuff comes up, so if i’m busier than I previously was, bear with me, and just because i’m dating…does that really mean i cant answer that lunchdate call with that girl we was friends with back in college? and the reason i wont tell my bae about it is because she’ll go ballistic/suspicious if i tell her i’m going to lunch with a girl(you can say that’s not true but you know that it is)
    haha and woman’s intuition is highly overrated


      1. Shapoopi

        because there is no world where you can walk up to your bae and say “hey *insert petname*there’s this girl i know from back then…i am going to meet her for lunch today”… and expect her to be totally rational


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