Hey guys, you should put your thoughts and life in order before knocking on a ladys life.
you have no idea what she’s gone through and I get it, you might have been through worse things but whose problem is that? you the one running after her wanting to restructure her entire pile of life
If she rejects you, it’s because she knows what she wants and if you can’t prove yourself to be the best mason,even I,will not allow you to bring down my shack or castle, whatever my life is.
    It’s not that a lady rejects you because of her pride and if it were,deal with it,anyway,when she says no,it’s because she looks at your huge physique and sees a small boy trying to find his ways in life,struggling to make decisions that don’t make him,prioritizing things that make her look at him and declare him a big baby.
Some of us like our life simple,this mostly comes about as a result of past complications, I know how hard it is to handle my own life, give me a man whose life is a total disorder and you will know what depression is.
  You’re in a whatsap group called pussy boys,you even feel the pride of being called ‘brian a di pussy boy’ ,the only plans you have in life is how you’ll go partying this weekend and nothing beyond that,the only thing you talk about is alcohol and endless parties, don’t you see you have a problem?

My dear beautiful lady,you should know that you can fill your mouth with a NO and let it slip off you tongue like you saying ‘I love you’ to someone special,tell him that you don’t like how he dresses,how he speaks,his long name on facebook like some chemical formula(2,3-dimethyl,4-ethyl,6-…….),tell him he looks like an advertisement board in that Versace attire that he always dresses in like it’s his soul,shout it out that you don’t really like chips and chicken and you don’t want to go to such joints,I’m saying,speak out and say no.
   If he thinks you’re complicated, he can as well hit on himself,say yes to it and take himself out.Of course there are enough men out there for everyone to have one of her own,so if he can’t shape up,he can as well ship out(Michael says).
    Tell yourself to love yourself, promise you to take care of you because no one does it like you,find reasons to smile,your own reasons,get a schedule for your life and stop being available for every miserable date every nigga asks you on,dress up and dress smart,no woman should expose a stinking ass just to get attention, keep your boobs in your bra,a little cleavage is sexy but putting the whole thing out there is despicable, apply reasonable amount of lipstick,make it the right color for your skin.
  Now let’s roll and be classy.


2 thoughts on “SAY NO,STAY CLASSY

  1. Salome

    @ Munira well said. Ladies shouldn’t be responsible for ‘ fixing’ grown up men.If a jack ass comes your way kindly let him know he is one.


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