Setting Things Straight

Disclaimer: This article may contain strong opinions.

I know I have been known for being a classic man and all that, but for the purpose of this article and the rest of this series I’d rather you think of me a concerned African man. Having set the ground level, shall we begin?

It is very no ok that our women have shamelessly gone on record making extortionistic demands from and to their counterparts of the other gender. Before we go far, how about some dictionary definition of some terms??

FEMINIST- A PERSON WHO ADVOCATES FOR EQUAL (underline equal) OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEN AND WOMEN. Unless if my English teacher lied, equal opportunities for men and women IS NOT women superiority. Not same. Not equal.  So let’s create a name for these social media characters ‘feminists’ . Shall I recommend DumbSupremacists? I mean y’all acting dumb though y’all got smartphones!! Ranting all over about how bad men are,  how women are being mistreated bla bla bla, kwerra!


So today you claim that your man MUST treat you on Valentine’s? Hey, its not a requirement, its not a responsibility, or obligation or such. No it’s not. If I choose to treat my woman, then that’s upon me. Me, me, me. End of story. Full stop. Ati I should take you to Vila Rosa Kempinski’s 50 Shades of Valentines, a whooping 5.4 million shillings, for what?? A rompy two nights?? As if youre going to make the experience recur forever! If all I wanted was a romp, trust me a visit to Liddos or AppleBees would be more than bargained for  and for only around 10k and that is on an upper scale budget.
Two thousand bob and I have a VVIP lap dance, and a bonner enought to make you pass out. So if it’s a romp I want, trust me I know where to go…and did I mention a private session?

And this notion that when having sex you are doing the guy a favour, hell the last time I pricked my ear it felt better in my ear than It felt on my finger. You are not doing me a favour, it’s mutual and should be treated as such. All that moaning out of pleasure and you claim to do me a favour? Despicable!! I get my share of the pleasure, and so do you. Just get real and face it, we both have a great time, just that I have the balls to make the first move. Period.


Trust me, I have no respect for this steaming-hot ladies in those strip joints, and guess what, I pay for the services. So if you will expect me to cough out hefty bills just because you been spending your weekends at my crib, then I may as well consider you one of them, if you know what I mean.

          What I want
This is what I want. Not a bang-bot, not a cook-bot, not a laundry-bot not any of those.
I want a woman. A companion, one whom after a very busy day I can go home and talk to, play around with and all that. I want fun, a lot of fun. All these, driven by passion or whatever name you call it, not money.


Liddos is some strip joint near koja, AppleBees is another near Gaberone.

By: The Informant.


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