Marry your loving mummy


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There are a bunch of learned morons with arguments based on ‘foundationless’ points, who keep arguing about male superiority, one thing I need to state now is that,I am sick and tired of this topic,it is no longer succulent and if it is,then it has no flavor.
  Do not tell me about what the bible says because out of all the rules in the books,male superiority cannot be the only one you totally want to adhere to when you busy fornicating and committing adultry in every corner of the world. If you insist on following the rules in the book,start with simple things like not dating,avoiding alcohol,being faithful to your wives,I mean,all of you should go be priests and fathers so that you can access the heavenly kingdom.
Now I’m deviating from my point,like someone I know.Anyway,no woman should submit to a man,especially if his definition of submission is cooking, cleaning and bearing him kids whenever he wants.
  If you don’t know  how to cook,do not learn and if he insists that his mother cooks well,remind him that he had a choice of marrying his mother but he chose you for reasons that are too obvious.
They want a woman who can cook ‘mboga za kienyeji’ I have never eaten those things,I don’t even know how they taste so I can’t start learning now,he should love me the way he found me,there is an option of walking away too,there is also a the option of cooking your kienyeji and feeding on them alone,I grew up without them,I don’t need them.
Avoid mentioning society when trying to justify your primitivity. The only place you will apply your superiority is when trying to give orders to your child,unfortunately, I’m not one of them.
  There is the need to embrace the fact that your brain isn’t more functional than mine,so keep your tongue in your mouth before staining my air with how superior you are!!!!
   You should know that by claiming superiority to women,you are saying that you are better than that woman who can do everything you want for you after carrying you for nine tiresome months, polish your shoes,wash your smelly socks,clean your sweat-stained shirts, make your messy room,cook your favorite food,damn!! she’s your ideal kind of woman,so go for it mr.superior who can barely remember to brush his own set of decaying tinternet.


photo source:internet

Let’s not fight,let’s understand things the right way and focus on important things like making money.


6 thoughts on “Marry your loving mummy

  1. Ms. Munira, you will have women killed if they abruptly employ everything you just wrote in their homes without regard for strategy. Their marital status might just be revoked to single!


  2. Anonymous

    Love knows no background, if you fond yourself claiminh she doesn’t do whatever like your mum then think twice about the love you promise her..


  3. hilda

    Everyone is from a different background and culture. Its not right to make a partner feel less just coz they aren’t the same as you. I totally agree with you Munira.


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