The informant decides to let you know how it all went down…….

So we entered the “archives of adult entertainment” as they call it. Well, truth is, even my wildest imaginations were way below average. Where else do you see Brazilian women strip, other than in those movies about drug lords? These ladies were (and still are) breathtaking. I paused for air. And then again. This was just too much to grasp at once.

Apparently I had been standing transfixed and motionless, Nick amd Ralph watching how this lil ninja took it all in. So Nick pulls me to a segregated place, orders a couple bottles of my fav drink, Jameson Irish Whiskey.(I still owe him that though) As is custom, we take several rounds to “jump start the evening”. A little tipsy, I am all psyched up like I live there. Ralph excuses himself for a moment, goes to the MC and whisperes something to him, but what do I care? There’s already one specific stripper that had caught my attention, and all the crazy thoughts of starting a family were all over my head.

Tracy. That was her name, this lady that made me think of family. She was in a pink lingerie, and some type of gown that scung to her ass like it was sewn there. She walked to the pole, and I forgot all about the people I came with, the drink in my glass, my name…..eveeything seemed to revolve around her as ahe spun on the pole, legs apart to expose the one thing that made me sell my gold mine in SA. I screamed, out of pure excitement.
The bulge on my fly was testimony Sir.D was having a hard time keeping his cool.

So she took several spins on the pole, then I felt a firm grip on my shoulder. “Informant??” Some huge guy with a sub-woofer for a voice box asks, or rather blasts. “Yes…thats me I guess…” I stammer, pissed. Not only does this guy tower above me, but he just distracted me from the purest show of talent, and I have a problem with that, but considering how ripped and defined he looks, I curve my ego and all its relatives and look up to know whats up.

Apparenly music wasn’t playing any more, I was supposed to choose from the bevy of beauties one that would give me a fully packaged birthday wish, if you know what I mean. It’s a no brainer really, but the thought of having the most spectacular creation I’ve seen, dance on my fly, gave me a slippery head and later take a visit to the cloud of clouds made me lose my voice. But then that is where Ralph and his accomplice came in. Holding me by my shoulders,(which are very well defined) they took me to the centre stage, where she stood, like a steward beckoning me to head on to where she was, using her mid finger. You get the picture?

I zombied my way to where she was, in a trance. Totally paralysed. Then she happened. She grabbed me by my shirt and shoved me to some weird type of seat she was swirling on, took several steps back, then started crawling in my direction. Only thing I could do was hold my head. You know how those wamama in ocha do when crows eat up all the corn? Yeah, like that.
As if all ths action was not enough for one night, Nick shouted, “Oh and he’s a rapper!!”

I amost swallowed my tongue. So the MC made me promise to perform after all that action was done. Back to the crawling animal. Getting to where I was, she stood up, grabbed me by my shoulders, and then as if in synchrony the dj played “throw sum mo” and I couldnt help it. Dancing on my lap felt like heaven was coming closer. My eyes, on their own accord, shut themselves up.

The dance was already making me give up all my assets to this girl when she grabbed His Excellency, unzipping my fly with her mouth. I heard several gasps and a faint scream. (From me, I later learnt). Being well acorded,I had no problem with anything, but its not like there was anything I could have done anyway.

The most dreaded moment had just arrived. It was 1 am, a time when normally they would have been airing karma sutra,but thanks to Nick and Ralph there was going to be a live show. The orals have a way of making a man lose his mind. That is a discovery. In fact orals are the greatest discovery of mankind.

So as is the custom, the oral would go on, till you don’t know whether you are coming or going, and some high preasure jets spurt 3 or so meters. From that point, you get a private session if you are not ok making tapes. So obviously, I opted for the privates. Ever heard of excruciating pleasure? Well that is quite an understatement compared to what was happening.

Well, now I’ve got my Wednesday worked out, haven’t I?


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