Scattered thoughts, stray words

I wished he knew I was texting with a worry laden heart,so I told my friends,my prince is heaven sent,he can detect the troubles despite the numerous smiley emojis I sent him,and they wished to have him.

I wished he would know what I felt when I stared absent mindedly into the horizon,so I told the clique that it’s like he was in my brain and they said it was telepathy

I thought he would understand when I said I’m fine,but he didn’t ask further and I retired to bed,heavy hearted and told my pillow that it would be fine,it was beginning to get bitter with tears,but I still flooded it,I then told my girls that he loves me so much,I just have to cry.They said it was beautiful.


I whispered that I was afraid,a little scared of darkness but terrified by light,a little sad but too happy to show it,painfully laughing at the wonders of the world.


I complained that I succumbed to a desire that wasn’t mine and was burning in a flame I did not light,holding on too tight to a pillar whose originality is foreign to my tortured spirit,but I held on and I complained.


I peered at me from the broken mirror on the wall and I saw the pieces of me trying to learn their ways,reaching out to what was once an epitome of beauty,an admiration,the 8th wonder of the world but I moved away in time to prevent reconciliation.

Too used to living apart that being together was scary,so I let it wander,wallow and make something of them selves.

I asked the unanswered questions and labelled them rhetorical.
And I hated myself when all I had to do was recollect and get going.

When they read this, they said women are complicated.



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