some nights ago,I had a night that I can call fulfilling and full of lessons,I was alone in my bed,so it had nothing to do with a man’s company and the so-called warmth and comfort.


In my dream,I had gone to pick my sister who was staying with my grandpa at the coast and it happened that there were so many kids helping out with everything around the house except my sister who had no idea how to do things,she’s the last born of the family anyway.


not knowing all the love I have for her,one of the kids approached her and was quiet rude in telling this joy of my life that she was a fool not to be able to chop onions and kales,I thought I would be very angry but I wasn’t,,I held the kid’s hand and told her “look here kido,a doctor cannot do an engineer’s job and this does not make the doctor a fool,it only means that we are all specialists in our own fields” I’m not sure where this came from but the kid was apologetic and sorry that she had called my sweet sister a fool.After reconciling them,I went to my room where I met Mark.
In my dreams, Mark,a guy I have never met spoke to me and I could see his face so clearly angered and disappointed by, I have no idea what. He sat by my bedside and touched my feet with his cold hand, looking at me,he asked “what do you want in life? what are you looking for” I had no time to answer this question because I woke up.Ever since though,I have been thinking about it,were it not for the dream, my quick answer would be success and happiness,but now I have been asking myself what I want in life and what it is exactly that I have been looking for.The fact that I have not managed to answer those questions to date annoys me and I know that it is the reason why I have not made a move towards the future that I hope to make a present some day.
Now ask yourself, what you want in life and analyze your past and present just to see if the path you’re on leads to where what you are looking for,is hidden or kept. Every action should,in one way or another point towards the achievement of your goals.This can only happen when those goals are clearly outlined because success is a goal but it is not a defined goal,happiness is an aspiration,unless you know those things that will bring you a longterm happiness, then you might never make it to that other side of joy.
Remember, it’s not all about money and wealth,it’s about relationships, be it family, friends or spouses. It’s about satisfaction and fulfilment,passion and making everyday count,going back to a happy home after a happy day at work,whichever job that is and resting peacefully knowing that tomorrow is going to be another fulfilling day.That makes a fulfilled life but it all starts with outlining exactly what it is that you want to achieve.
Wish me luck as I come up with my points.
To my sisters and only brother,I love you.You are the one reason that I feel fulfilled even when I’ve had a day full of darkness





  1. Boniface chimba

    It really touched ma heart … Knowing what we want in life will not only make us happy bt also will make us have self confidence in whatever we do…


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