It was the skirts,even the tops are joining in,ending right where the nipple is,exposing chunks of meat dangling aimlessly just like in a butchery,they call them crop tops,they’re too cropped to cover the better part of the breasts.I know  the weather is too hot but aren’t we supposed to cover the delicate parts? maybe not for dignity but for protection from direct UV rays,okay and these dresses that are almost the size of a handkerchief, ending right on time,as my friend Silvia calls it,just below where the bump of the bum ends,meaning that a slight bend would expose a ‘pantyless’ black ass or a thin strap of what they call thongs rubbing bitterly between the two planets,not enjoying the exercise the least bit. Is it that factories have run out of materials or women’s bodies have become so valueless such that every lustful eye can have it however it wants it?


              photo source:internet
I was looking at some handkerchief size clothes in a stall by the roadside in kahawa and the fact is,if I bought all of them,folded them nicely and packed them into my smallest handbag, they would fit and leave space for more.

I am more worried for the generations to come and the more I think about it,the more I am convinced that we need the Lord’s intervention. A poet at MMP whose name I have unfortunately forgotten wrote a poem by the title The World is confused and she says “Adam and Eve are naked but instead of hiding, they are smiling”

I know I sound more of my Grandma than my Mama but it’s okay,wherever decency was buried, it is time the few decent men left put their muscles to work and dug it up,otherwise, there isn’t much of value left in life to enjoy,everything is available anytime, anywhere.
Now, I ask of you,not that I am totally righteous but some sins are avoidable, do not cover yourself like the Muslims do if you don’t want to but please stop showing your nakedness even to those who are least interested in seeing it and put on something decent.
Red panties peeping from beneath black tights,strapless dresses that you end up pulling at throughout the day,short dresses whose length you try to increase by pulling it down every time you take a step,there is no need to undergo all the discomfort, clinging to your tiny dresses that fly in all directions at the slightest whistle of the wind.


You are prettier and mysterious when covered. Forgive me for being fashion dumb but in Africa,let the dress hit below the knee is a rule.Why is it that men don’t go exposing the size of their cock and let you find that out in bed? why aren’t the guys with six pack shirtless? they let you thirst after them by letting it bulge from their shirts and t-shirts,these silly girls tatoo all the weired places in facilitation of shorter dresses and tops, I hope you don’t walk with your legs apart to show us the piercing on what’s in between.You are making these men’s life so easy,I wanna be one of them on a few occasions.
I pen off with this, if you were given an unwrapped sweet and a wrapped one,you will definitely pick the wrapped one.Think about it dear naked girl.


4 thoughts on “EVE IS NAKED AGAIN

  1. Boniface chimba

    You have said it all munira….bravooo!
    The thing is,they are not making our lives easy bt instead they are making it more miserable..how can you walk half naked infront of men and then you assume umeturahisishia mambo…you are to torturing phycological which is more worse than those who were tortured during the nyayo regime..


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