Untitled poem.

This is a poem by one talented writer,Caymil. Find more of his articles at  caymil.wordpress.com

Before you go all the way
inside of her,
before you finish saying you
love her.
Before you buy her the ring.
Before you stretch your
arms out and touch
Before you call her on the
before you tell her your
looking for a wife.
Before you fill her head up
with dreams,
before you become the man
in her life.
Before you decide to
approach her,
before you decide to kiss
Before you go meet her
mother, before you tell
you miss her.
Before you make her
emotional, before you
Get her
excited. Before you consume
her mind, before
admits she likes it..
If your not right then leave
her, before she thinks you
need her. Before
feels its real, that woman is
a keeper!!
For a man who wants a
blessing, for a
man who wants a queen.
Not a man thats full
game, or a man who wants
to scheme. So
you say i do, let your
intentions be to love her.
Dont marry her for her
assets, marry her
you love her. Don’t marry
because she’s
pregnant, just be a father to
that child.
Because if
you marry her just because
she’s pregnant, the
arguments are gonna
that child.
So before you make a
promise, and before her
feelings start. Know that she
is a real woman
All im asking is please –
Don’t break that
woman’s heart..


One thought on “Untitled poem.

  1. I like it when she says, “Dont marry her for her assets” it’s true because assets can be wrong. Her personality can never be wrong. If you like it, you will live to like it. Thanks Caymil


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