After Today

Hold my hand,
I know it’s a little rough,
hold it anyway.
Then bring me close,
I know I smell of a long day,
bring me close anyway.
Let me lie,head on your torso
place your hand on my waist
don’t rub it,
let your palms lie in the dent of my back,
I know my hair is damp,
it smells a little like a rain forest,
but don’t pull away,
you can stand it,I know you can,
Ask me now,gently,
how my day was,
don’t wait for response,
allow me to sigh,heavily
I’ll be crying by now,
don’t you worry, I am fine,
No,no,don’t wipe it,
I like how it flows and falls,
right on your right breast.
I am calming now,
but hold me a little longer,
two or three,four will be just fine,
then elevate my head,
kiss me like my dry lips don’t disgust you,
like my unmade face doesn’t scare you,
look at me,like my eyes are not sorrowful,
like all you see in them,is a smile that lasts a lifetime,
It’s time now,to whisper what can be said aloud,
because it’s more beautiful that way,
I promise I will smile,
“I love you too”


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