Happy birthday Moon

My parents either don’t remember or assume my birthday.It’s okay,I don’t give a damn,but today is special, very special. My dad gives me a call at exactly 7am,I didn’t pick,I bet I was still sleepy(a birthday treat),he calls an hour later and is quiet angry that I didn’t pick his call,he then says ” do you know that I called you at the exact same time you were delivered” I felt a sting,sort of excitement, then…..I don’t know,he actually remembered. I really didn’t realize how much I wanted them to recognize this day until today.
Meanwhile, I wanna thank all my friends who have always remembered to wish me well every year that I stepped closer to grey hair and a wrinkled face,I want to thank you all who wrote me tiny notes of good luck and happy lifetime wishes,I still re-read them.
Your phone calls and unending texts are the things that made this day a success for me.Your wishes to have known earlier in preparation for a gift are the wrapped gifts that fill my heart with joy.It’s okay that it wasn’t possible,because sometimes, all we need are kind words.
  Thank you Gift, for this beautiful piece of art,I will live to treasure it.

First there was pain in her head,
Something calling,pushing,
Just bellow her womb,
Shivers assaulted her,
Shivers of fear,
The pain,it couldn’t wait,
Not even an hour,
It rose up,deep,down
“she is almost”one said softly.
“mmmmh,God!”She scream bitter,pure terror.
“push,one more”another insisted.
“ng’aaa!ng’aaa” a little somebody was born.
But beautiful. With eyes that promised victory.
Her mother staring at nothing but her.
“she is cute”her mum whispered weakly.
And sure she is till to date.
Happy birthday once again Munira.

Today is also special because of reasons known to Michael and I,you guys already know who Michael is,right? Thanks Mikel,for letting me be me and not what everyone thinks I am.

In this journey, I have learned that you don’t need siblings so as to have a family,you need true friends who will look at you and see how marvellous God is,people who will lift you up when you fall,people who will look into your eyes and say “stop being stupid,that’s not the way to go about things” and you know they know your abilities and worth and will never let you step out your lane if not for the better.
Thank you all,once again.


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