The Silent Whispers


I know I’m the least noticeable,
with that low whisper for a voice,
I can hardly hear myself.
With those tiny chinese-eyes,
maybe you think I can’t see beyond now,


I have learned to be the shadow in presence of light,
then again,I have always lit up the world in the background,
I can’t crack a rib,
every word I utter,either too serious or nonsensical,
so I learned the importance of silence,
many words lost in moments of unspoken speech
I have tried friendship, very few worked,
some even sank me deeper to the depths of invisibility,


I leaned on the efforts of my mind,
because my heart rarely survived.
I wasn’t emotionally unstable,
In the flowing waters,I was stable
I forgot a few things about me,
I always remembered that my name was light,
my life an irony
my happiness,a thought that never transformed into a smile,
I wished upon the candles,
none were ever lit in my honour,
so the glory of the moment slipped by,
not like sand between fingers,
like water down a thirsty throat.
I lived and then died alive,
I was buried in my living death,
from beneath 6feet,
just above the dug up earth,
I stretch my arms,
to touch beauty,
to feel it maybe,
I came in contact with rocks,
stones that drew me back
So down in my little space,
I found love and resorted to staying.
I found a voice that only sings sweet melodies,
I found a world,
I found life,
In a moment of sadness, I took a gulp of joy and never digested it.

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20 thoughts on “The Silent Whispers

  1. Halke

    creativity at its peak,am in love with this,its just so wonderful and touching,recommendable to all men of understanding,I give u a pat on the back for that…great moon…


  2. malcolm x

    People cry, not Because they are weak but Because they have been too strong for long.

    i’m in love with this pièce Moonrise….. app me thé link.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Anonymous

    Wow!Am so proud of you sweetheart.You are such a wonderful writter.You will go places swiry and sky is the limit for you,you are second to none.I loved it!Beautiful just like you.

    Liked by 1 person

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