The Woman I Want To Be

By:Identity Withheld.



I’m afraid  of falling into tradition, of being  what society  has already  created  of a woman, of being  the object that feeds and cleans a man. It’s  not in my list  of wishes to care for him, not in a friendly  way but in the way that makes him my responsibility, I don’t  want  to cook and serve  him, I don’t  want to clean  and dress him, I even think it’s unfair that I have to carry his baby. I know you’ll argue that it’s  my baby too but all indications prove that he has a little more right than I do.


I even don’t understand why it has to be me,to bear the pain,carry that child,crave,go through morning sickness, then bring him up.
I am tired of conflicting with my soul,convincing it that it’s okay,that there is nothing wrong,but hell yah! there is everything wrong.I want to do everything I want,I want to tame my heart,train it to love me more than anyone else,I hate the thought of having to go through the global epidemic of women worrying about where their men could be,talking about how he has changed,lately,coming home late,if he at all does come home.
The more I think about it,the more I discover, that that path that 99% of the female population travelled is not for me.I know I want to do something more for myself and a little more for humanity.
  It’s not about fun and freedom, it’s about inner peace and satisfaction, that after a long Monday at work,I don’t have to come home and worry sick about things concerning a grown man,and don’t lie to me that you can ignore!! no you can’t, he is supposed to be your man and when you think that he is roaming the streets like a stray dog,then you have to worry.
Don’t even try making it sound like I don’t work hard enough to make him come back home,so what if I also decide he isn’t good enough for me to go back home to early? I should have a choice of hanging out in avoidance of his company till late night.
  What happened to African women? nothing, they just opened their minds and saw life for what it really is,a short experience that shouldn’t be wasted following a misguided recipe that leads to formation of a concoction of chaotic moments.
I don’t want to follow any procedures, I want to step out of the lane,try over speeding, slowing down and changing lanes,I don’t want a bunch of few people to terrorise my life and just own it,I don’t want to know where everyone’s everything is when no one knows where my anything is,I don’t want to be a slave of violence with pans and plates,onions and garlics.
  I want freedom, from ties that bind me to specific positions,from specific thoughts that will continuously bombard my pretty mind with care and concern for people that will forever be part of me.



20 thoughts on “The Woman I Want To Be

  1. Raymond

    high profile lady indeed.
    I’ve read pieces of your writing.
    you’ve a respectable identity.
    slay and slay and carry on.


  2. Raymond Kimata

    high profile lady indeed
    I’ve read pieces of your writing.
    slay and slay and carry on.
    transcend your identity.


  3. Poet Dismas

    many questions crossed my mind when i saw the title, more questions bothered me as i was reading and now that i am through, much more are honestly, disturbing my mind.well. i will agree with you, Munira,about the archaic tradition ‘thing’ which has resulted to laziness in men, but don’t you think questioning the privilege of bearing a child (legitimate or not) is stepping on your womanhood? i envy the mother-child bond. your language is classical and figurative, kudos. however your hyperbolas are tooooooo much for a man like me.
    thumps up!


  4. rita

    I like it nyrah..its tume we realize wants awaiting and make our own timetable. ..
    ..”’disposable utensils”’ really hehe kali!!!


  5. Mind provoking! Good thing there are also guys like me who ain’t interested in the traditional type of relationship. When I marry I want a woman whom we can travel the world, inspire and change lives. We can always hire a cook and maids to do all the house chores


    1. That is an inspiring thing to say Maish,I always say that some of our men are stuck back in time(back dated),paying attention to things that don’t make any difference, like who should wash their clothes and cook their food.

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  6. Maureen

    I cannot agree more the era of domesticated slavery is slowly vanishing and a new era of equality is rising. Most men thing that feminists hate men but the truth is we want to enjoy equality because we realised there is nothing that makes a man special hence he should stop being treated like the king. Men arer just lazy and like Jlo sang “am not gonna do tgher dishes i aint your mama”


  7. Anonymous

    No need of reading novels any more.She is my novels;her writings make me crave for more .you are perfect.Btw you can repeat this again and again”it’s not about fun and freedom but inner peace and satisfaction”yepi yepi…..


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