It’s a plea

By:Munira Hussein
I am the truth,
I am the road that leads me away,
then sways me back the right way.
   I am the thoughts that you avoid,
but feel the full void.
  I am the words that you don’t want to speak,
but repeat like a mantra,at the back of your head.
  I am the elegance you don’t want to see,
but don’t know how not to feel.
  I am the silence that sorrounds your outer rage,
but rumbles like a sea within your mixed emotions.
I know it by the way you look at me,
I know you wish I said a word,
two would be too much to ask for.
I know your vision of the movement of my lips
I see how you try to formulate words of the air I exhale.
I am not speaking though,
I am drumming my heart,
with palpitations,
drowning it in tears that fail to pour out of my eyes,
I know how it’s splashing.
So listen to my heart,
I know I’m the voice you never want to hear
the joy you would rather not feel.
stop looking at me like that
like you’re the wave that is distracting my sea,
like you’re reading the blankness of my thoughts
like you know who I am.

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