A Million Questions

Is there a home for a heart that has lost its hope?
Is there a hope for a heart that has lost its course?
What comfort is there in thoughts that don’t transform?
What love is there in a heart full of pain?
Who cares about those that never healed
who will lead them back,those that lost their way
who will hold the shoulders of those without arms?
why is there so much chaos in the world
who will answer the myriads of questions I want to ask
why are people so forgetful
why do we kill sons and daughters of Africa
Why are the rich so rich and the poor so poor
why am I asking all these questions
why are you people not answering
Why is life the way it is
Why do people break hearts
The weight of the world breaks our backs,
Attraction to this phone breaks our necks,
A moron with a heart breaks another’s heart
Why do we kill a baby’s father
Why do we stab a child’s mother
why are people so mean
how will we ever succeed
someone make me understand what truth there is
what lie has been justified
what truth has been rejected
who did all these
Why is God so silent
Why do enemies pretend to be friends
why do haters fake love
Why do I feel so lost.


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