Day after Day

By:Munira Hussein
The seven letters that made up his first name and the eleven letters that made his two names,
were the building blocks of my entire world
I loved how they looked, like they were made for me in him
they sounded like the perfect pattern that completed the gap in my layout
and then he broke away,
slowly by slowly
until another came my way,
now his name wants to sound like the pieces that will complete my pattern
but I have done this before
My pattern feels perfectly fit
I don’t want to disrupt it
he wants to be the voice that always soothes me to sleep
I wanna stay awake though,
that’s what will happen when the silence befalls once again
he wants to be the one to open the door for me
I am not interested, I want to carry my luggage home
I want to hold my umbrella when it rains and carry my jacket when it gets too hot
because I will forget how to do those things
and he will go away
then I’ll run around wishing upon the dead to rise
and the sick to heal
for the Lord to come
for the world to end
because mine will have a full stop at the end by then.
I don’t want to go back there
to the darkness of a fading light
to the echo of a fading laughter
to the emptiness of a house haunted with shadows of smiles and love
Let my house be clear of memories
let my heart be wary and tired
let my soul be solo
let it be known that I tried
Let the side of my bed not know any other rib that is not mine
let it not be told of a man whose chest was once my head’s nest
let my roof not harbour any shadows of two lovebirds underneath
How it starts is not how it ends.
let this not start,
let’s put off the flame in our hearts
let’s kill this thing before its birth
for I have nothing,
but worry,
dug up from the past.

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