Finally  he walked in. I  was almost sure it would be one of those nights that he spent out.  He was worse than I imagined.Patches of sweat had formed beneath his two armpits,making him look like a man with two holes on the sides. Sweat was trickling down his left cheek and his balding head was a shade darker. The description she had given me was a million times better,she gave me the words,maybe I painted the wrong picture.

   He was a little shocked to see me. We had never met before and he probably wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Hallo,you must be one of Lydia’s friends”  he said,stretching his huge hands to take my tiny ones into his.

“Oh, she is allowed to have friends? I must have  over imagined your negativity, anyway,I am not here for pleasantries” 

Furrows formed on his forehead, he took a step back,I took two steps forward. Were it not for my heels,I wouldn’t be anywhere close to his scaled face,he wasn’t tall,far from it,but neither am I,you know what I mean? anyway,I took in a waft of his breath and detected alcohol, not much but enough to send me a step back.

“Lydia” he called,his eyes asking all the questions he would ask her not so nicely.

“She is asleep” I whispered,”you don’t want to wake her up,trust me”

“Who are you”

“Oh forgive my rudeness, my name is Lisa and I castrate bulls like you”

“A lot of people know that I am here,by the way. They might even be watching or listening, so do not incriminate yourself,refrain from admitting that you are a drunk who comes home to slap his wife’s pretty face,do not even mention that you locked her up,it will be wrong for you to say that you are a violent man and it is the reason why Lydia is in the state she is in,I don’t want to be the reason you go to jail,I don’t want you to think ill of me, you know, we can’t afford to start off on the wrong foot”

  He slowly took off his coat,gently placing it on the couch (you could see that he cared more about a crease on his a hundred dollar suit than his family). Another stream of sweat was forming where the other had fallen and his breathing had reached its peak, like that of a first time Ndakaini marathoner.

Both my hands safely tucked in my pockets, I walked around like a bad ass drug dealer questioning an enemy he had just hitched,you know how it happens in the movies? yah,like that.

 Steve walked to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, he looked like he really needed it.

“Look here Lisa, this is my house and it’s my family, whatever I do is in no way,any of your business, so just leave and let’s pretend that you never came here”

“See that’s the problem bully, I don’t like pretending, I like to tell men like you that they had daddy issues,that they have shallow brains,if any at all,that don’t see beyond their misery, that they have not yet discovered the deeper meaning of life and they wake up and go back to bed today, worse than they were yesterday, you hear me”

  He stared,first past me,then at me. I could see his furry pile up, boiling and almost exploding. I was afraid he would punch me but he didn’t,he kept folding and unfolding his fists and I could almost read his thoughts, something along the line of a woman lecturing him in his house, treating him like a ‘woman’ and exercising authority over his head in his house”

“Are you done,please leave” he said,swallowing the please and voicing the LEAVE” 

I reached for my handbag and walked to the door,halfway out,I turned to his deflated figure resting on the edge of the couch and said.
“Lydia says hi by the way and Angie already likes her new neighborhood,I bet you haven’t seen your daughter in weeks, have you? she forgot she had a father but it’s okay, sperm donors are valid”

 He shot up, as if air had just been blown into him, he rushed to the bedroom as I victoriously walked to my car, I had won yet another battle.



7 thoughts on “         LISA 

  1. Mwalo

    “…, my name is Lisa, and I castrate bulls like you.”😃😃
    Prolly my favourite line.
    Lisa’s got guts dæmn!!

    Lovely piece kiddo, cant wait for the next one😊😊👍

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