Times of a millennial

   ​She was seated all alone at the furthest corner of the room, clearly enjoying her own company and the swallowing of the sugarless tea she had ordered in another trial to get rid of coffee which she sure as hell, knew would fail.


     She scrolled through her phone, glancing at the screen hugging the wall every once in a while. There was music oozing from two large speakers placed against opposite sides of the wall. The inflow and outflow of other customers did not nearly distract her as much as the disruptive thoughts of her own restless mind.

   She held the tea a little longer in her mouth, then swallowed it. Sometimes, she didn’t understand why she did the things she did but she did them anyway.

    From the corner of her eyes, she could see him following her every move. She was supposed to be self-conscious but she wasn’t. He walked over to her.

    “Good evening lady” he roared, startling her countenance.

  “How can I help you?” she asked after her usual three minutes of silence that always made people uncomfortable and unsure of whether to stay or leave. 

 “Oh, I just noticed you were alone…..”

“…….and decided I needed company?”

“No, not like that, uhm, I’m sorry, I am Curtis by the way”

“….and how is that important?”

“well, it’s not but we need to be properly introduced”

“What if I tell you, right now, before you even start, that I don’t care?”

He was startled but he wasn’t buying that. He slid into a chair opposite her and for the first time, she looked up from her phone. He was tall, well-built and looked like the kind that woke up at 5am to go for a run and pass by the gym in the evening. He was well shaven, well dressed…. well, well…..a lot of wells for one man. He also looked like the kind that harbored superiority complex, so she secretly took the challenge.

  He signaled to a waiter and ordered a glass of mango juice for her, she pushed it aside and asked the lady to bring her another glass of sugarless tea. The battle then began.

   “I would like to know you better…”

“Then we take an exam about each other’s lives and get certificates for it?” there was some sarcasm in her voice.

“I was going to say, so that I don’t order mango juice for someone who takes sugarless tea, but you’re not helping the situation?”

“…ooh really?”

He was raging with irritation but he bottled it up and sat there, making promises he wasn’t sure would be fulfilled, to himself.

    “Maybe then, I’ll pay for your drink!” He offered…

   “I pay my own bills” she retorted, contempt evident in her voice.

“Okay Lady, what is it with you?”

“What is it with me, are you crazy, you come to my table to ask what it is with me?”

     His heartbeat was almost audible. After five or so minutes of silence, he asked her name…

“Lisa” she said, almost in a whisper.

    “You waiting for someone?”

      “Yes, you, Mr. Curtis!” she said curtly.

     “You know, I know your type, the type that act all harsh and rude but totally the opposite inside…..”

  “Oh! And exactly how many of us have you met?”



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